Xiaomi Mi Drone Price, Specs, Images – Quadcopter Launched with 4K Video Recording at an Affordable Price

Xiaomi Drone Price in India

Xiaomi Mi Drone, yes you heard it right, the Chinese electronics company primarily known for its value for money smartphones has launched a quadcopter dubbed as the Xiaomi drone. The company took the wraps of its much talked about drone in a press event held in its homeland of China. Xiaomi has brought forward its ideology of offering an impressive product at a low price tag to its drones too. The comparatively inexpensive quadcopter comes with a built-in camera that is capable to shoot videos of up to 4K resolution. With this the company has taken its first steps into the new territory of drones. It’s the company’s first.We will keep updating this page with all the latest Xiaomi Mi Drone price, features and specifications, also with news about its Indian and global launch.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Images

Xiaomi Mi Drone Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Drone Price, Will it Launch in India?

Xiaomi Mi Drone

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Xiaomi Drone Launch in USA
Xiaomi Mi Drone

It was a known fact that the company was working on a drone, coming to the Mi Drone, it cannot be expected to be turning heads wherever it goes for its looks and design but that is clearly not what Xiaomi held in priority for its drones. The device is chunky and it primarily emphasizes on utility. The device is manufactured by the Chinese drone company Flymi that was funded by Xiaomi last year and the quad-copter will be sold under Xiaomi too. The Mi drone might remind many of DJI’s Phantom series of drones. 

Xiaomi Mi Drone, Specs, Features

Xiaomi Mi Drone price
Mi Drone Specs, Features

What the Xiaomi Mi Drone lacks in looks it completely makes up for it in specifications. This new Mi quadcopter will be available in two variants. The lower end model will offer video recording in a maximum of 1080p resolution and the other higher end one can be used to record videos upto 4K resolution at 30fps, which will arrive later this year. T

The device houses a good 5,100 mAh battery that will provide the drone a flying time of up to 27 minutes and a range of 3km. The Mi Drone camera is a 12.4-megapixel, 360-degree, RAW-capable camera with a gimble offering 3-axis self stabilization making up to 2,000 tilt corrections per second. The Mi Drone will also come with a remote control that features a dedicated shutter button, a camera tilt adjusting dial, button for landing and take off. The Mi Drone Remote also has a built in slot for the smartphone, and antennas having radio control range of around 2km. 

In addition to the above mentioned hardware features, the Mi Drone comes with some very important software features too. The device can be set up to stay confined within a virtual fence, and even be programmed to follow or circle around a fixed point or follow a route. What I like the most about the Xiaomi Drone is that it can automatically return to a fixed point when running its battery is running low or it loses contact with the controller.

The Drone market has escalated quite quickly and now they can be found at many places, from basic toys to high end models used in video recordings and even in product deliveries. And Xiaomi does not want to leave this new territory unexplored.

Xiaomi Mi Drone Price, Launch Date Outside China

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The company has also revealed the Xiaomi Mi Drone Price for both its variants, the Xiaomi Drone 1080p model price is set at $380 (approx. Rs. 25,605 in India, if it ever sees an India Launch), while the Mi Drone 4K  Price is set at $450 (approx Rs. 30,320). The 4K variant will not go on sale now and will be available for purchase sometime later this year.