Windows Defender Review – Is Windows Defender Enough for Windows 10?

Is Windows Defender Enough for Windows 10

Windows Defender Review for Windows 10: Windows Defender is the most recent version of Microsoft Security Essentials and a free of cost antivirus program which Microsoft provides for Windows 7. And now it comes already built in, making sure that all Windows 10 PC get some basic level antivirus protection. Below, we have come up with windows defender review to help you out with its pros and cons.

Windows defender scans the programs you open, downloads and any other windows updates. Well, this is some theory here but how well does this actually works? Truth to be told, Microsoft’s antivirus is little behind the others when it comes to comparative antivirus software tests.

Windows Defender Review

is windows defender enough for windows 10
Windows Defender Review

Undoubtedly, Windows defender has several advantages. It is built in and would not bother you so much with lots of pop-ups. Also, it would not try to harvest your browsing information and learn from it, some of the free anti-virus do it for some extra profit. Overall, Windows Defender does not give you unhealthy protection, assuming that your window is always updated.

Windows 10 also contains numerous other protections introduced in Windows 8, like the SmartScreen filter that must protect you from downloading and using malware, no matter what antivirus you use. Chrome and Firefox contain Google’s Safe Browsing that helps in blocking several malware downloads.

If we summarize the Windows Defender review, is really not a bad option per se, but it is just not as efficient as other options available. Also, it is not so obtrusive keeping in view that most other antivirus programs come stuffed with crapware and contains pop-ups ads.

Windows Defender may be fine in most cases, but if you have a habit of downloading anything unoriginal or pirated, and engaging in the other high-risk behaviors, you will want to avoid this software and get something better.

Is Windows Defender Enough for Windows 10?

windows 10 windows defender review
Is Windows Defender Enough for Windows 10?

It is actually little hard to decide on the basis of Windows Defender review 2016, that it is the “best” in fact it becomes difficult to recommend just one product since everyone requirements somewhat vary.

However, Windows Defender will remove itself whenever you install a third-party antivirus, and then can re-activate itself if you ever uninstall that third party antivirus. It is created and designed that way.

Antivirus is utterly important these days and it is almost really important that we utilize a good anti-exploit program to protect your web browser and plug-ins, that are the most targeted attackers. Simply keep in mind that whatever anti-virus we choose, it would not be a full-proof protection. If you install unhealthy programs, then for sure you will end up with troubles.

Hopefully, our about Windows defender review for windows 10, will assist you fairly in deciding whether you should stick with the anti-virus or not. Please let us know your opinions about the product experience, below in the comment box.