How to Perform Windows 10 Disk Cleanup – Follow Steps to Perform Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Steps to Perform Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Disk-Cleanup in Windows 10:- If you want to know “ what is Windows 10 disk cleanup” then you are on the right Page. Windows 10 as it is gaining the popularity over the world by its personalized features and amazing graphical user interface. Re-emulsifying the legacy of Microsoft windows with the amazing windows 10. Windows 10 accounts on delivering high speed over the processes but after certain time it began slow functioning because of more accessible data of different programs installed. In order to overcome these problems one remarkable feature that you know from the previous version of windows can help you out in resolving this issue “Disk- cleanup”. Here, in this article we will highlight what is disk clean-up and how it is performed.

What is Disk Cleanup?

Steps to do Windows 10 Disk Clean-up

How to Perform Windows 10 Disk Cleanup ?

Disk Cleanup in Windows 10
How to Perform Windows 10 Disk Cleanup ?

If you have upgraded your Windows PC to Windows 10. Then some files of the previous operating system that remains over for the rollback option if you did not wish to roll back your version of windows then you can remove those files using the Disk cleanup.

What is Disk Cleanup?

what is disk cleanup
What is Disk Cleanup?

Disk cleanup is a functionality which helps you in clearing all the unnecessary files that are available on your operating system which are taking large spaces unwantedly and files available on your drive which does not comprise of any use as well. As whenever you installs update or you upgrade to a new version then you might end up with the remains. Disk cleanup helps you to remove these files and benefits your pc to run faster. Even most of the times when you executes installation and plays a game or does any other activity then your system hangs to overcome such sort of situations disk cleanup is performed.

How to Open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup
How to Open Disk Cleanup in Windows 10?

# Steps to perform windows 10 disk cleanup #

  1. Log in to your Windows 10 operating system as you normally do.
  2. Now tap on to the windows key at the desktop screen
  3. Enter DISK CLEANUP at the search panel and select from the result displayed
  4. Select the preferred drive on which you want to perform Disk Cleanup on windows 10 pc
  5. Click OK on the Pop up appearing at your main screen
  6. Now wait for some time till it completes the scan
  7. Click on cleanup system files once the windows is displayed on screen
  8. Click ok again
  9. Check temporary windows installation files
  10. Check for some other items which you want to get rid off and perform disk cleanup

Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

These are some of the steps of how to perform windows 10 disk cleanup that will guide you through how you can perform disk cleanup. This article also let you know what disk cleanup is and what the need of performing the Disk Cleanup is. Hope you liked the article Disk cleanup in windows 10, we faith that you might found something important in the article thanks for reading if you find that we missed something please do mention in the comment section below and please stay tuned for more late updates.