Best Gadgets 2017, Top 6 Best Cool Gadgets of 2017

best gadgets 2017

Top Best Gadgets 2017: Hola techies! We are back with our brand new list of best tech gadgets 2017 in the world right now. Science and Technology are progressing with such impressive and fast rate that it’s difficult for us to keep a track on the latest and the finest that the market has to offer. However, fear not we are here for you to provide all the information you need about the gadget industry. Below, we have posted top 6 best gadgets 2017 for men, students under budget.

Best Gadgets 2017 Under Budget

Top Best Gadgets 2017, Best Tech Gadgets of 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Best Smartphone 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is upcoming flagship of one of the leading smartphone manufacturer. The phone will be launched on 26th February at MWC 2017 event. The smartphone will be powered by Exynos 8895 chipset with clock speed upto 4GHz. As we know Samsung Galaxy S7 was a finest mobile phone and in our list of best gadgets 2016. We are hopping Samsung Galaxy S7 to become one of the Best Gadgets 2017.

Fire TV: The Best TV Streamer 2017

best electronic gadgets 2017

If you’re looking to strengthen your entertainment setup with a suitable media centre, the Fire TV is a great choice. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, The Fire TV delivers Ultra HD, 4K streaming capabilities at a budget price. Also through the Fire’s responsive and intuitive UI, Amazon’s vast library of content is easily accessible. This best electronic gadgets 2017 price has been set at $117.09 (around Rs. 7896.54 in India).

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XPS 15: The Best Laptop 2017

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If you can afford a laptop in this price range and need a laptop, the XPS 15 should be your obvious choice. XPS 15 is loaded with premium aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, Dell’s Infinity Edge virtually borderless display and a GeForce GTX 960M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. XPS 15 is blend of power and potential with a 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM and a Core i7 Quad-Core processor. Customers should have to pay $2779.85 to buy this top gadgets 2016. This latest gadgets price in India at Rs. 187472.95.

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Sony A7R II: The Best Camera 2017

best camera gadgets 2017

Sony is really challenging the domination of Nikon and Canon over the camera market with its excellent and exciting new products. Sony A7R II is perfect for landscape and portrait photography, and comes with a massive 42-megapixel, making it an absolute corker of a camera. Other notable features of A7R II are its impressive video capabilities and solid and premium feel compact body. Sony A7R II is one of the best camera gadgets 2016 that priced at $2795.95.

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Volvo XC90: The Best Car 2017

Top Gadgets 2017 to Buy

Volvo XC90 entry level prices are lower than the Land Rover Discovery, BMW X5, Mercedes M-Class and Audi Q7, but this is not the reason it’s the best car of 2016. You should go for Volvo XC90 because it is one of the safest cars in the world as it surrounds you with incredible materials, confidence and build quality. It drives well, looks well and if you install a petrol plug-in hybrid engine in the T8 variant then you get added green points. This best tech gadget 2016 price has been set at $88497.05.

Momentum Wireless Headphone: The Best Headphones 2017

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This headphone comes in the best cool tech gadgets 2017. Momentum Wireless from Sennheiser delivers an active noise cancellation tech, deep, rich sound and a lovely premium finish in one amazing package and fulfills your expectations if you want from a premium set of headphones. It’s the absolute best the market has to offer today. It priced at $424.44.

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Top Gadgets 2017 to Buy, Best Tech Gadgets of 2017

This was our list of the best gadgets 2017 in each category. If you want to know some additional details of top gadget 2017 to buy in UK / India or the best in 2017 of any other category, please comment below. If you like our posts please like, comment and share it to help us serve you well. Till then adios amigos!