Top 10 Professional Camcorders 2017, Best Professional Camcorders For 4K Video

Top 10 Best Professional Camcorders

Here we bring you top 10 professional Camcorders 2017, filming & best video camera lists, read on to find our list of the best professional camcorders of 2017. The ability to record high resolution videos is reserved at just few cameras. These cameras are especially reserved for cinematographers, bloggers etc. Nowadays, few action cameras also have this mode but they can never replace a professional video recorder. Every camera offers several frame rates and resolutions. Some camcorders work very well and for ages, but others broke or don’t function well. So here are our top 10 Professional camcorders 2017/ best Professional Camcorders in order to simplify your decision.

Top 10 Professional Camcorders 2017, Best Professional Video Cameras

#1 Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Ultra HD Professional Camcorder

best professional camcorder 2017

Thanks to a built-in gyro sensor, this Panasonic camera provides high-quality video and has the power to identify the handshakes in order to minimize it to a greater extent, in this way we get a perfect footage all the time. The Panasonic HC-X1000 has also a night mode in order to also catch your movies in the nighttime.

Thanks to all its functions that you can adjust, you can always record the footage to the situation. Finally, many other features are included such as high-performance microphones, ND filters, 20 x zoom lens system, versatile formats, WiFi, high-speed AF, and triple manual lens rings.This camera is priced at Rs. 201,260 and is clearly the best among the top 10 best professional camcorders 2017

#2 Sony PXWZ100 4K Handheld XDCAM Memory Camcorder

Top 10 professional camcorder 2016

This 4K camera is perfect for all professionals; you can record movies, YouTube videos, events, education trips, ceremonies, etc. This is a multi-skilled camera that has a fantastic wide angle in order to record all the area of activity or adventure. This camera is principally purchased by the professional photographers, short filmmakers, and vloggers because it’s an expensive device for the beginners (Rs. 369,000).

Thanks to the WiFi connectivity you can control the camera through your phone, tablet or other gadgets. Finally, the Sony PXWZ100 comes with a warranty of 5 years so it shows the long lifetime of the camera. Totally making it one of the top and best camcorders for professional use.

#3 Sony FDRAX1 4K Camcorder Video Camera

top 10 professional camcorders 2016

The Sony FDRAX1 is engineered to provide awesome quality content. It can capture videos in 4k at 60fps but also photos at 8.3 megapixels. It takes beautiful and lifelike photos as well in sun light as in the low or dark light. It has also a powerful inbuilt microphone, but you can also add other microphones thanks to the 2 XLR jacks that ameliorate the audio quality. Its functions include seven assignable buttons, HDMI output and 3 control rings. This camera is also reserved at the professional because it has a price of Rs. 302,000 and at such specs don’t you think it deserved a place on our list of the top best professional camcorders.

#4 Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder

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One of the best professional camcorder is this one, the Canon XF100. It’s compact in size, fully featured and light.

Canon decided to do things differently on this camera, unlike the traditional memory system, the company decided to use Compact Flash cards. With two slots for CF cards, the camera can automatically switch video recording to a second CF card by itself when one is full. You can also change the cards even if the camera is recording and turn on. It’s perfect for events where you have to record all the ceremony but don’t have enough memory. With a price of Rs. 134,000, this Canon camera deserves its place on our Top 10 professional camcorders 2017.

#5 BlackMagic Ursa 4K Camcorder

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Coming to the next brilliant professional camcorder, the Ursa from Black Magic Design is one of the latest 4K professional camcorder to make its appearance in the market. It has a 10″ monitor and two 5″ monitors for ultimate control and detailed feedback. The wide dynamic range is the best on the market and better than all its competitors. With this camera you will be sure to have 4K footage that is composed with the best out today. With an affordable price of Rs. 201,000, the BlackMagic Ursa will be loved by its buyers.

#6 Canon Cinema EOS C500 4K Camera

Top 10 Professional 4K Video Recorders 2016

This camcorder can support 120fps in 2k and 4k modes. It provides a great resolution for both high speed and slow motion video capture. Under the hood, a Canon Log Gamma is included in order to deliver high quality video output and wide exposure latitude that many professional cinematographers demand. This thing is the ultimate 4K camera, has a price of Rs 805,000 and well deserves its place in our top 10 professional camcorder 2017.

#7 Sony NEX-FS700RH 4K Ready Super 35mm

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The 4k Exmor Super 35 CMOS sensor is used in the Sony NEX-FS700RH professional camcorder. This high-speed readout chip perfect for shooting motion picture. In addition of high sensitivity, it gives out low noise and has minimal aliasing. This camcorder captures 4K raw videos at a frame rate of 100 FPS. When it captures in 2k raw, it can have a frame rate of 100, 120, 200 or 240 of continuous recording. We can also discover a super slow motion capability that is 10x for full HD and 40x for videos with lower resolutions. This is one of the best 4K video camera of 2017.

#8 Panasonic HMC40KIT Camcorder

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Panasonic HMC40KIT Camcorder is one of the best performers on trip or during events.

The size of the camera is very compact, so very easy to travel with, but it provides an awesome quality image. This is also a very solid camera because it’s made of metal panels. It also does very good quality of shootings in a tiny light weight package, has a small price (about Rs. 140,550) so it made this camera one of the camera of our top 10 professional camcorders 2016-2017.

#9 Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder

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This XA20 is a run-and-gun HD camcorder, very compact, and with an impressive optical performance from a powerful new Video Lens. This camera is the answer at all the situation.

It is composed by a Tiltable electronic viewfinder, a 3.5-inch OLED Touch Panel Display, as well as multiple HD/SD recording rates that includes 24 pixels for a cinematic look with a choice of MP4 and AVCHD codecs. Thanks to high image quality and recording versatility, the XA20 is ideal for documentary and independent filmmaking but also for videography events. Totally one of the best professional video cameras of 2017.

#10 Sony PMW-F55 – Sonys Flagship for 4K

Top 10 Professional Camera for video

This camera is only for movie directors that have a huge budget. With a huge price of Rs. 5,568,344, this Sony camera is the best of the best. The image sensory captures in true 4K at 4096 X 2180 and is capable of producing broadcast quality footage at either 4K or 2K. Filming in 2K you are able to shoot in 240FPS and 60FPS at 4K and this makes it one of the best pro 4k video camcorder. This is the last camera of our top 10 professional camcorders 2017 so now you just have to make a choice.

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Top 10 Professional 4K Video Recorders 2017

This was our list of Top 10 Professional Camcorders 2017 and best pro 4K video recorders that you can purchase right now. All these camcorders are brilliant performers and you can get any of them based on your requirements and demands from a video recorder. We hope that this post helped you to make a decision to get a camcorder. if any new entry comes, we will updated the list. So keep in touch with us to know Top 10 Professionals Cameras of 2017.