Send Messages To Your Loved One’s Even When You’re DEAD


Me, you, everybody will die someday and the sad part is that we do not know when that will happen. Even when we are gone out loved ones will have to carry on with their life and yes, they will but they will miss us in their celebrations and happiness. What if I tell you that now it is possible that one can stay in contact with his loved ones even after he or she is no more. Sounds interesting right, but this is made possible by SafeBeyond, now you can send personalized video, audio or picture messages to your loved one on specific events like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or any other chosen specific events from beyond the grave.

SafeBeyond, a new App founded by Moran Zur, gives the people the chance to communicate with their loved ones from beyond the grave. Moran speaking about the app said that the app carries forward the new concept of digital inheritance. He clears that though there are other apps, which allows its users to store digital versions wills, insurance policies, and other important information for heirs but with SafeBeyond they have taken the concept to the next level by allowing the users to stay in contact with their loved ones after they pass not just on the financial level, by on an emotional level.

Send Messages To Your Loved One’s Even When You’re DEAD


In the App, you would record a special audio/video/picture message that you will want to be delivered to your son or daughter when they graduate or marry, congratulating them and advising them for the future, and in this way the sender will be able to send a message posthumously to their loved ones. To the recipients of the message it will be a way to include the departed in their celebration and feel more attached even when they are not physically present.

On asked if the app might come up as being a bit spooky, he said that SafeBeyond is not about surprising the living with an unexpected message from the dead. Instead, the idea is that after the user passes away, the ‘digital heirs’ who are assigned by the user previously are told about the services of SafeBeyond, and they are also informed that they can expect messages at some point in the future coming from the departed.

SafeBeyond offers four types of messages – messages for a specific predetermined date (eg: child’s birthday or wedding, anniversary), event message (pre-defined event eg. graduation or wedding), as these dates will most probably be unknown to the user, he can appoint a trustee to inform SafeBeyond about these events. Then there are location message, which are sent when the loved one reaches an earlier specified location. The fourth kind of message is the social media message, which can be left as a final farewell to the friends and family members on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The apps offers 1GB of free cloud based storage. But if they have a large number of message to store before they leave, they have the option to purchase more storage by paying a “symbolic monthly fee”.

Two personal tragedies inspired Moran Zur, the founder of SafeBeyond to come up with the app. Zur lost his father to cancer in 2002 and the absence of his father at his wedding a few year later was according to him – heartbreaking. This led him to ponder over the idea to allow people to remain in the lives of their loved one’s after their death, especially during some special events or occasions, but his idea could not materialize during that time. Moran’s wife, Hila, was diagnosed with 4th stage of brain cancer in 2012 and it was during this period that Moran left his position of CEO at a big brokerage company and come up with SafeBeyond.