Samsung Smart TV 40 Inch List – Samsung 40 Inch Smart TV

samsung smart tV 40 Inch list

Samsung smart tv 40 inch Review 2017:- Televisions has become a most important part of people all around the world whether it is watching news, serials, sports, or to watch or listen music videos. It is the best mode of entertainment. And still sustains the position of the best, But as now with the new range of HD televisions in this industry keeps on glittering its attractiveness towards the people. But as we go outside we will see many brands and sizes of television and at the end we got confused that which one will be the best choice.

Samsung 40 inch smart tv list

So in order to facilitate or readers to choose the best choice which totally fulfills demand we have come up with this article of the samsung 40 inch smart tv in which we discuss about some of the best in class models and their tremendous features. The one which derives a seamless listening experience and crystal clear video quality with multi features so that you will no longer be in this state of confusion for deciding which one to choose.

Samsung Smart TV 40 Inch

#1 Samsung J5200 (4o inch) full HD LED TV

samsung 40 inch smart tv
Samsung J5200 (4o inch) full HD LED TV

Samsung J5200 is a 101.6 cm ( 40 inch) full HD LED smart television which has delivers 1080p resolution and can entitles you to watch blue-ray movies. This is basically a best in class smart Television as if you can connect it to the internet and stream or watch online videos and cam play HD games. This television comes with a very sleek and flat design. This television also enables you to access a large variety of content online. This television also gives you color boost to your pictures. This television comprises of two HDMI inputs and one USB inputs. It also has a 10-watt front speakers with DTS premium sound. The current price of this television is around 31K Which makes it a premium choice to make.

#2 Samsung J5300 (40 inch) full HD LED TV

samsung smart tv 40 inch
Samsung J5300 (40 inch) full HD LED TV

Samsung J5300 in another variant of the same series but this one is more customized one. As it weighs 19 kg comparatively lighter than others. Is dimensions are 106×51.6×14 with a 1980x1080p of resolution and also delivers a fast browsing and streaming speed. This smart TV is geared with block capacitors which allow the TV to absorb lightning strikes up to 15KV. This television comes with 20 watt of front speakers which enumerates the sound quality it comes with 2 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports. So it can be a better choice to make. It has a features price of around 45K.

Samsung 40 inch Smart TV

So these are some of the top class models of your favorite brand Samsung. This article of Samsung smart tv 40 inch, will help you in making a good choice as you prefer. Hope you liked the article Samsung smart TV 40 inch review but if you found that we missed something then please do mention it in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more amazing updates.