Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4, Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4


Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4: Today we compare the two amazing Android Smartphones available in the market today Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 were the best android smartphones till just a few months back (before the Galaxy Edge, Note 5 came out). Both the smartphones boasts of some amazing specifications, features and blazing fast performance. When we consider the cameras of both the phones, they are the best in the market (including Apple’s iPhone 6).


Both the mobile phones have their own specific best qualities, which can compel the buyer to buy the phone solely on that. LG G4’s nice manual controls and Samsung S6’s high-detailed images. And both the smartphones come almost at similar prices that make the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 battle more intense and confusing. Nevertheless, worry not we have tried to compare these two devices this time, let’s hope we are able to help you out.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Review:

With the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has managed to shut all their critics, who used to complain of the boring and unattractive design. The S6 is undoubtedly the best flagship mobile phone that Samsung ever came out with. In the Galaxy S6, Samsung has finally parted ways from the outdated plastic exterior and including the new glass and aluminum body, it now is among the best-looking mobile phones out there. The device has amazing looks and feels great in the hand.


The only downside for the Samsung fans comes in the form of unavailability of the options of microSD and the removable battery.

The camera in the S6 is amazing, the fingerprint sensor is very much improved and the phone gives its users a faster wireless charging option. Moreover, yes, the battery life could have been better.

LG G4 Quick Review:

The LG G4 is the best Smartphone ever made by LG, with all the amazing components and specifications, we totally love the thoughtfulness that must have gone into this handset. Things that we interact with daily like the brighter screen, with better contrast, better-looking interface with the addition of some welcome software tweaks totally stand out.


The curvy back and edges make the phone easier to be picked up from a table or any surface. You will like the Knock On double tap wake from sleep if you have not yet used it. In the G4, you can double tap the volume-down key to launch the camera, which is a feature that will be loved by all the selfie addicts.

The LG G4 though impressive is not devoid of flaws. Somehow, even after having a large battery it could not translate into real world usage. The software too, screams of the needed improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 Comparison Review:

We have discussed the UPs and DOWNs of both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 below to give you a better understanding of which device will be better able to fulfill your requirements from a Smartphone.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S6:

PROS and CONS: Samsung Galaxy S6:

PROS of Samsung Galaxy S6 CONS of Samsung Galaxy S6
  1. The Galaxy S6 has a brilliant screen
  2. The S6 delivers a powerful and lag-free  performance
  3. The cameras are equipped with advanced new technologies
  4. The fingerprint scanners seen son significant improvement
  5. The S6 supports wireless charging
  1. Both the front and back glass surfaces of the Galaxy S6 are prone to smudges
  2. The device is no longer waterproof.
  3. The device gets heated up at times during high levels of multitasking
  4. No microSD support
  5. Battery life is non impressive

Now moving to the PROs and CONs of the LG G4:


  1. Screen is bright and has a gorgeous contrast
  2. G4 boasts of an excellent camera performance
  3. Gives the option of shooting in both RAW and Manual mode
  4. The device have a removable battery and MicroSD card slot (missing in S6)
  5. The Leathery looks on the battery cover is classy
  1. Sadly, G4 is still made of plastic
  2. The features of the UX gives you mixed feelings
  3. Battery life is okay not great
  4. The speaker quality is not impressive

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G4: Specs Comparison:

Specifications Samsung Galaxy S6 LG G4
Best Price Rs. 37041 Rs. 37399
Screen 5.1-inch QHD (2560×1440) 577ppi Super AMOLED 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS Quantum Display (2560 x 1440, 538ppi)
Hardware Octa-core 4×2.1GHz + 4×1.5GHz 64-bit 14nm Samsung Exynos processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 with X10 LTE
Memory 3GB RAM 3GB RAM
Storage 32GB, 64GB, 128GB (non-expandable) 32GB, microSD card up to 128GB
Rear Camera 16 MP 16 MP
Front Camera 5 MP 8 MP
Battery 2550mAh (non-removable) 3,000 mAh (removable)
OS Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Android 5.1 Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Final Verdict

The build quality of the S6 is definitely better, it though does not mean that the G4 is bad, but I somehow did not like the leather film posted over a plastic shell. The screen of the Galaxy S6 is mind blowing and wins over the G4.

Though LG edges out Samsung in the camera department the laser autofocus is nice and the G4 camera, in low-light conditions too, gives a best in class performance.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 vs LG G4 ends almost in a tie but I have a feeling that Samsung will continue leading in sales because it is an overall nicer phone. However, if you cannot do without a microSD card and the removable battery option, then the LG G4 is the right choice for you.