Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: After all the criticisms that Samsung had to endure after the release of its Samsung Galaxy S5 for it being lagging far behind in the looks department, some critics even termed it cheap-looking and the boring TouchWiz UI, Samsung had to come up with a brilliant new ‘S’ phone to even stay in the race. As well as, what Samsung came up was the Samsung Galaxy S6, does it manage to impress or even this new device from Samsung is a forgettable phone? We will find out in this Samsung Galaxy S6 Review.

However, Samsung changed things this year. the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most brilliant Flagship smartphone that Samsung has ever come up with. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a complete beauty, they have redesigned the S-Series and the plastic is exchanged with glass on the back and front and metal on the sides and with which comes swathes of power once again. They have also used their own processor, which is incredibly fast and powerful and it beats almost all other flagship mobile phones in terms of raw application speed.

Let’s Look at Samsung Galaxy S6 Review:

Before beginning the detailed review, let’s first check the important specifications of the Galaxy S6,

OS Android 5
Screen Size 5.1 inches
Resolution 1440 x 2560
Memory 3GB
Storage 32GB/64GB/128GB
Battery 2550mAh
Rear Camera 16MP
Front Camera 5MP
  • Build and Design:

Build and design-wise this is the most beautiful Samsung Phone yet. Sporting Gorilla Glass 4 both on the front and back and a matte aluminum alloy frame on the sides, the S6 has left its predecessor S5 and all other Galaxy flagships far behind in terms of looks and design. This device looks exactly what the Galaxy fans have been pleading Samsung for. This time Samsung has also included a fingerprint scanner as a accessibility option for the Galaxy S6, this is fast and accurate most of the times.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 measure 6.8mm thick and weighs 138g.

Though we are in love with the Glass and metal design of the S6, its corners, which are smooth and rounded, feel extremely slippery to hold, giving the impression that the phone might just slip out of our hand at any moment.

  • Display:

Samsung has kept the screen size of the Galaxy S6 same at 5.1-inches but it has improved the resolution of the S6’s AMOLED display and it now is 2,560×1, 440 pixels, with a pixel density of 577 ppi. It is currently the best screen in the Smartphone market.


The brightness level offered by the S6 on this AMOLED screen is very impressive and it boosts the overall clarity of the screen. The colors look crisp even when the phone is used outdoors in the sun. Samsung has succeeded in effectively combining the best features from both the AMOLED and the LCD screens.

  • User Interface:

I like most of you have never been a fan of the TouchWiz UI, which Samsung uses in its phones, that along with all other bloatwares were the primary reasons for me to avoid using a Samsung Samrtphone. But with the latest TouchWiz based on the Android Lollipop Samsung has managed to change my view.


This time on the Galaxy S6, the TouchWiz is more streamlined, and there are very few pre-installed apps that you will have to put up with. They have flattened out the icons, and the influence of the material design of the Google Lollipop can be seen throughout the phone. This makes the UI of the Galaxy S6, if not amazing, but far better than the Touch Wiz you have used on you previous Samsung devices.

  • Performance:

In the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has for the first time used its own octa-core, Exynos processor dumping Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 octa-core chipset.

Moreover, when it was released, it outperformed most of its competitions in the benchmark tests, too. In the Geekbench 3, single core and multi-core results were 1,485 and 5,282 and these two were the best we had seen. It fell behind, by just a little margin from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in the single-core test and it beat them in multi-core tests.

  • Camera:

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most prominent features of the smartphone. The quality of pictures taken by the S6 has been able to impress all its users and me. Samsung has kept the Megapixel count at 16 megapixels as it was on the S5. The difference is that in the latest version there is a brighter f/1.9 aperture lens and Samsung have claimed that it lets in 34% more light than lens on the S5 (f/2.2).


The Galaxy S6 also offers Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), which help in the reduction of blur in the photos taken in low light. A welcome feature added to the S6 is that by double-clicking on the home button you can directly open the camera in lesser than 0.7ms.

Te quality of photos that I took from this device were brilliant, the colors were bright and crisp and the pic offered a lot of detail even when zooming and cropping.

Samsung has also bumped up the front camera and it now is a 5MP shooter and it offers the same impressive performance in low-light conditions and the shutter speed is also faster now. It now also offers the automatic HDR mode, which highly improves the selfies taken on this device.

  • Battery:

The thing which might pinch a lot of Samsung fans is that Samsung has used only a 2550 mAh battery to power the Galaxy S6 that is even less than the 2800mAh one which powered the S5.

Let’s try and look at the positives:

Samsung has used a custom processor in the Galaxy S6 and according to Samsung, it will be more efficient in processing and will not waste the battery in pointless tasks. The chipset in the S6 is also smaller that also improves the efficiency.

Samsung has also included an app that lets you know about the amount of time that you will be getting by enabling the power saving mode or the ultra power saving mode. It’s also offers you the option of wireless charging cause of which you will not have to stuck to the wired chargers forever.

  • Storage:

The other huge shock, which the Samsung fans had to experience with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the removal of the microSD slot from the smartphones. Samsung has parted away from the feature it was always applauded for – the expendable memory feature. According to Samsung, this was done to improve the performance of the phone, but what I fail to understand is that there are other devices available in the market with the option of expendable storage, which is successful in not letting their performance suffer because of the microSD option.

What I Like about the Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • The Galaxy S6 has a brilliant screen
  • The S6 delivers a powerful and lag-free performance
  • The cameras are equipped with advanced new technologies
  • The fingerprint scanners seen son significant improvement
  • The S6 supports wireless charging

What I failed to like about the Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Both the front and back glass surfaces of the Galaxy S6 are prone to smudges
  • The device is no longer waterproof.
  • The device gets heated up at times during high levels of multitasking
  • No microSD support
  • Battery life is non-impressive

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review Final Impressions:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is undoubtedly the best Smartphone Samsung ever made in the S-series. With this phone Samsung has managed to take a huge leap forward and is now in the market with all of its competitors and outperforming them

The S6 has a superb design, an excellent build quality. The Galaxy S6 is tremendously fast, slick, and it takes brilliant photographs and excellent videos with its camera

Yes, I know that you miss the microSD slot and the removable battery, but in all other departments, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is brilliant phone.