Samsung Galaxy J5 Review


Samsung Galaxy J5 Review: For some time the mid range Smartphone section in India was run by companies like Xiaomi, Motorola, Micromax and Lenovo, Samsung had long been out of the picture may be because they were all involved in making the most beautiful Samsung phones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Now Samsung has once again entered in to the mid level price section with not one but two budget friendly smartphones, Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7.

Look at the Samsung Galaxy J5 Review:

After we have reviewed the Samsung Galaxy J7, we will this time be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy J5. Packed with features like a 5 inch HD AMOLED screen, Quad core Snapdragon 410 processor coupled with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. The J5 also runs the latest version of the TouchWiz running over Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop). This is a very trimmed down version of the previous version of TouchWiz and feels modern and smooth. J5 sports a 13 MP camera on the rear and a 5 MP one on the front.


Does this on-paper spec convert to a good real-world usage experience? We will find out in this Samsung Galaxy J5 review


To begin with, our review lets first have a look at the important specs of the Samsung Galaxy J5

01. Display 5 inch Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
02. Resolution 1280 x 720 Pixels
03. Processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8916 Quad Core Processor
04. RAM 1.5 GB
05. Storage 8 GB (Expandable upto 128 GB)
06. Rear Camera 13 MP
07. Front Camera 5 MP Secondary Camera with Front Flash
08. OS Android v5.1 (Lollipop) OS
09. Battery 2600 mAh

 Build and Design

The Samsung Galaxy J5 Is more or less like all other Samsung Smartphones in the past, the same old monotonous, practical design. On the front, it is a 5 inches AMOLED screen below, which sits the home button with the back, and recent apps touch pads on either side. On top of the screen, the J5 houses a 5 MP camera with a flash for all those selfies in the dark.


The back of the phone has a soft, plastic removable panel, under which it houses the removable battery and the SIM slots. The rear side also features a 13 MP camera with flash.

The sides of the Samsung Galaxy J5 are covered with shiny metal that looks more cheap than good, the metal strip houses the volume rockers and the lock/power button.

The build and design of the Samsung Galaxy J5 has nothing exciting about it and does not offer much for discussion. It will look like many other Samsung phones, the Grand Series, the duos etc. So if you have a good looking phone on your priority list, the Samsung Galaxy J5 will in no ways satisfy you.


The Samsung Galaxy J5 has brought the brilliant AMOLED Samsung Screens to the budget section. This AMOLED display of the J5 is a 5-inch HD (720×1280 pixels) one.  The J5 being a low level budget phone does not provide the best in class AMOLED screen experience as it does in its higher end devices but the screen still better than lots of its competitions. Nice contrast, with decent viewing angles and the screen produces deep blacks.


Samsung has provided the outdoor mode to provide a good visibility of the screen when using it in sunlight. The phone does lack the auto brightness option. Samsung has provided a very good AMOLED experience to its low budget users and it does surpasses ahead of its rivals in the screen department.

User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy J5 runs on the same trimmed down version of the TouchWiz UI that we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other high-end phones this year on top of Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop). The software experience is almost the same as it was on the S6 ort the J7. Samsung has after a lot of criticism improved the TouchWiz UI, which is now a lot trimmed version of the original and lot of the bloatwares are finally gone.


In my usage of the new TouchWiz UI, I found that this newer version of the UI is not annoying as the earlier versions were. Samsung has lowered the amount of apps that it used to force in the devices of its users, which they never used.

A good inclusion in the newer TouchWiz was the theme store from where you can apply different themes to your device if you are not much impressed with the original Touch Wiz UI. Samsung has also included the Smart manager from where the user can manage the RAM and battery.

This time around, I was quite happy with what the TouchWiz had to offer.


The Samsung Galaxy J5 is powered by Quad Core, Snapdragon 410 64 bit processor coupled with 1.5GB of RAM. In addition, it was able to give nice performance; there were no major lags when multitasked on the device. However, the J5 is not the favorable phone for you if you plan to play a lot of feature rich games on your device. There were lags and the processing was slow at times while playing heavy and graphic rich games.

Other than, that the Samsung Galaxy J5 will be a provided you a good every day usage and it will multi task without any lags or glitches and a non-gamer like me was not upse4t with the J5.


The Samsung Galaxy J5 sports a 13MP camera with an aperture of f/1.9 on the rear and on the front it has a 5MP with flash for selfies. The J5 also provides the feature of quickly launching the camera app from anywhere by double clicking on the home button.


There was also the option of shooting pictures in the pro mode but the option it offered were very limited (ISO, exposure and white balance). The quality of the photos that I was able to click on the J5 were nothing great, it came out just decent. Photos taken outdoors in daylight were all detailed and noise free but the photos taken indoors were not at all impressive. The video quality taken on the J5 was decent too.

Coming to the front camera, it too produced impressive photos in daylight but suffered in low light conditions. The flash on the front is not actually a flash but a LED that lights up when selected, it does help in clicking selfies in dark conditions but it is not a flash exactly.


The Samsung Galaxy J5 comes packed with a 2600 mAh battery and with the mid range hardware and the 5-inch screen this came out to be a really long lasting battery. You can get more than a day of battery life with moderate to high usage of the phone. The battery does not drain much when the phone is kept idle

The amazing battery life comes even with the Wi-Fi, location service turned on and it helps the fact that the phone does not come with any type of fast charging. You get two power saving modes – standard power saving mode and ultra power saving mode, which will help you get few hour of extra life when running on low battery.


With the Samsung Galaxy J5 you get 8 GB of internal storage and with that you have the option of expandable storage, upto 128 GB.


  • Great AMOLED display at low price
  • Smooth and fast processing
  • Amazing battery life
  • LED flash for the front camera
  • Support Themes


  • Just ‘Okay’ camera
  • Auto-brightness not available
  • Internal storage is low

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is the best quality cheap smartphone Samsung has ever come up with. The J5 offers a good AMOLED display, fast snappy performance. With that, it has a decent camera and a brilliant battery life. Yes, we know that there are other Indo-Chinese Smartphones, that provide better specs and features than the J5 but Samsung can take pride in the brilliant support it provides to its customers. This is a perfect Smartphone for everyone who does not want to spend much on a phone and are not willing to trust the Indo Chinese brands of Smartphones.