Best Camera Phone 2017, Top 5 Phone with Best Camera in India

Phone with Best Camera

Top Mobile Phone with Best Camera List: Mobile phones are transforming with amazing specifications day by day and with the growing revolution in this field of technology. With this, the major question is also rising in the minds of people and are also making them confused. As they might not invest in the wrong thing that which one will be best for them on which they can rely upon at least for a year or two. Here, we are going to discuss about the best camera phones 2017. As specification that people like differ from person to person but the most common feature that people are looking for is the camera that delights the phones very much and attract the customers as well.

That is why we have come up the article of Top 5 android phones with the best camera 2017 for our readers so that they get to know which one will be the best choice for them and will be able to explore their features easily the list of Top 5 Mobile phone with best camera quality.

Top 5 Smartphones with Best Camera

Mobile Phone with Best Camera 2017 List

#1 Samsung galaxy S7

phone with best camera
Samsung galaxy S7

Samsung’s leading smartphone Samsung galaxy S7 which is heading the crown of the best Camera smartphone of year 2017 in the market not only with its amazing features but also with his superfast autofocus Stellar camera which has become the limelight of the phone. It delivers a 12 megapixels of zoom with dual-pixel sensor which also facilitates the superfast autofocus with a trendy f/1.7 lens which strengthens the camera and delivers crystal clear picture quality. So if are thinking to buy the smartphone with best camera and if you are not focusing on the price then we prefer you to buy this amazing phone with very smart camera. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Price in India start from Rs. 43, 400, so it is best camera phone under 50000 (50k).

#2 Apple iPhone 6s

top best camera phone under 50000
Apple iPhone 6s

As you all know the best in the class IOS smartphone till date is Apple iPhone 6s which truly uplifts the legacy of iPhone. It delivers a very precise fluid performance and the device also beholds an extremely impressive camera. The new 12 MP sensor from Sony the IMX315 is a much featured upgrade over the 8 MP Isight camera. it also carries tremendous colour balance which balances colours and contrast very clear photographs so if you are thinking of buying a featured camera on an IOS platform than the apple iPhone 6s is a very good choice to make over the phone with best front camera in India. The iPhone 6s price in India Starts from Rs 44,499.

#3 Huawei P9

android phone with best camera in India
Huawei P9

Huawei is the largest telecom infrastructure maker in the world the company also makes smartphone and trying to gain stability over the market and recently launched Huawei P9 an enormously cool smartphone perhaps can be seen as camera with smartphone attached and unlike the other smartphones it has two cameras at its back and are totally designed as per as the customers requirement. Its 12 Megapixels primary camera on the rear and 8 Megapixels front shooter for selfies. Huawei P9 price starts from at Rs. 39,999 so now we you have a good budget then this phone is also a good choice for you to make. The huawei P9 is the phone with best camera quality 2017.

#4 LG G5

best camera smartphone in india

LG is a well renowned brand and keeps on exciting the customers with his new innovations in the field of smartphones. In order to reveal its existence again as on Feb 2017 it launched its best smartphone that is LG G5. LG’s innovation in the field of design has also accompanied by innovation as it brings twice the fun with a 16 Megapixels dual camera setup on its back but the real star is its secondary 8MP lens that shoots at a 135 degree wide angle and can make clear shots and with very well attractive pics and as deserves position in the best camera phone with price tag at Rs. 53,990.

#5 Huawei Google Nexus 6P

android phone with nest camera quality
Huawei Google Nexus 6P

Keeping in mind if you want a Best smartphone with an impressing camera you need to spent a little more or make the pocket more flexible but Huawei has come up with and you will find the affordable deal as compared to the others in this range. As the google nexus 6p has 12.3 MP sensor camera with 1.55 micron pixels that let’s plenty of light came in in order to get clear and stunning picture and has a large pixel size so if you want best in a cheaper price than it’s a good choice to make. The Google nexus 6P is Phone with best camera in India that price tag is at 38,999 on Amazon online shopping website.

Best Camera Phone 2017 in India

So these are some top trending phone with best camera 2017 and smartphones with an amazing camera quality. It will definitely help you in choosing the best for you. Hope you like this article of best camera phone 2017 in India or in the world. So think before you buy and buy the one which is best for you. Thank you so much for reading the article. Even if you find that we missed the android phones with a good camera quality as per your choice please do mention in the comment section below.