OnePlus Joins Make in India | OnePlus X Not Make Appearance


The Chinese Smartphone maker OnePlus became the latest manufacturing company to join the Make in India initiative. In a press conference held in Hyatt Bangalore today, Pete Lau, the founder of OnePlus announced that they have partnered with Foxconn and they will soon be starting local production in India. Pete Lau took this moment to also thank the Andhra Pradesh Government to support them in their initiative.

Pete Lau addressing the media said that the decision of producing Smartphones in India is among the most important of decisions for the company and as India is one of the largest markets for the OnePlus phones and there both phones have been huge hits in India. This decision will in turn strengthen the presence of OnePlus in the Indian Smartphone Market give a push to their already good momentum.


OnePlus Joins Make in India As soon as Possible

The General Manager of OnePlus in India, Vikas Agarwal who was present alongside Pete at the conference said that he is looking forward to start the local productions of OnePlus Smartphones in India and he also looked confident that this decision will cater to the ever increasing demands of OnePlus phones in India.

This news comes as a win for the initiative it for sure will improve the availability of the OnePlus Smartphones in India, which are presently available only through invite systems.

What came as a surprise was that the OnePlus X or the OnePlus Mini were not even mentioned at conference Many had believed that Pete would take this opportunity to unveil the latest budget Smartphone from OnePlus but that has now been left for a later undisclosed date.


Recently the pictures and specifications of the OnePlus X were spotted at the US FCC and the pictures of the OnePlus X leaked online. Last week, Pete Lau also tipped the name of the latest budget OnePlus Phone on his official Weibo Account which seemed like pointing toward an impending OnePlus X announcement at the India Event but that did not happen.

The good news is that with the local production of the OnePlus Phones starting in India, we just might have to go through an invite system to get the OnePlus Three (may be).