OnePlus 3 RAM Management, How to Fix OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue


OnePlus 3 RAM Management – How to Fix OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue: Recently, there has are reports about the users criticizing the poor OnePlus 3 RAM management issue. A video also surfaced showing the speed comparisons between the OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which showed the OP3 failing to utilize its monstrous 6GB RAM totally and it fell short of our expectations of brilliant multitasking. Well now XDA Developers have provided us a potential tweak that can be used to fix the RAM management issue on the OnePlus 3, read on to get all the details and information.

How to Fix OnePlus 3 RAM Management Issue

OnePlus 3 RAM Management Issue

OnePlus 3 RAM Management
OnePlus 3 RAM Management

Before we get into the playing around with the codes there are a few things that must be clear, the RAM management in the OP3 is designed to be the way it is and it is not a bug if you thought so. The LMK values and the background apps limit are ordinary and do not seem to be taking use if the 6GB RAM to its fullest potential. Apart from this, Carl Pei wrote on twitter that “we have a different strategy for RAM management that benefits battery. We think this is the best user experience”. He also added that these parameters can be changed by the ones who disagree with their decision.

To improve the RAM performance there is a fix that we have found on XDA, but Carl Pei has reminded us that RAM management is taken care of by more than just the build.prop, so we must not put much faith in that “fix”.

Follow Steps to Fix OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue

How to Fix OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue
How to Fix OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue

Now, in order to modify the build.prop on your OnePlus 3 smartphone, you have to perform the below mentioned steps –

  1. Root  your OnePlus 3 mobile phone. If you are not familiar with rooting you can get more information about it from this XDA Forum thread.
  2. Get an app that provides you access to the OnePlus 3 root folder. You can use Root Explorer.
  3. Go to the root folder and find the build.prop.
  4. Find this line of code: “ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20B”
  5. Change “20” to either 36 or 42, both works fine
  6. Save the changes and Reboot the One Plus 3

Doing this significantly improved the number of apps that the OnePlus 3 could hold at the same time.

Fix OnePlus 3 RAM Management Issue

Therefore if you are one of those not particularly happy with the poor OnePlus 3 RAM Management, you can try this Fix for OnePlus 3 Memory Management Issue but remember that you are on your own in doing it. Let us know how does it work out in the comments section below.