OnePlus 2 Review, Specification, Features, Oneplus 2 Price In India


OnePlus 2 Review: Last year when the OnePlus 1 was released it took the smartphone world by storm. It was a ‘flagship killer’ and it killed them all slowly. This year they have hit once again and this time it’s the ‘2016 Flagship Killer’, with that they have proclaimed that the OnePlus 2 is even better than the flagships to be released in 2016. This, I believe was more of a marketing strategy, so for now let us see what the follow up to the super hit OnePlus 1 has in store. Now, below you can get the OnePlus 2 Review.

Let’s See the OnePlus 2 Review:

With the OnePlus 2, the two phone old company has once again raised the bar and pushed the limit of how a cheap Flagship Smartphone can be. And don’t let that ‘cheap’ word give you any wrong feelings, it is exclusively limited to the ‘money’ you have to shell out for it. Other than that, the OnePlus 2 is rich, very RICH!


  • Specifications
01. Display 5.5-inch
02. Resolution 1080p
03. Processor Snapdragon 810 processor
04. RAM 3/4GB RAM
05. Storage 16 or 64GB storage
06. Rear Camera 13-megapixel
07. Front Camera 5-megapixel front camera
08. OS Oxygen OS, running on Android Lollipop
09. Battery 3,300mAh battery
  • Build and Design

The OnePlus 2 is not a Smartphone that will make all the heads turn when you take it out of you pocket at a public place. But is has all the boxes checked when deciding on an efficient design. If you have used the OnePlus One, the build and design of this OnePlus 2 will come as a welcome change to you. It now sports a metal frame and it now has greater tolerance.


The OnePlus 2 is not a light phone and weights at 175g, which is 20g heavier than the LG G4. This feels a bit heavy in your hands and if your wishlist has a slim and light phone than the OnePlus 2 at 9.9 mm may not be the best choice for you.

The device does not boast to be waterproof, and the microSD card is not available.

The OnePlus 2 becomes the first flagship to use a USB-C socket.
The most important addition to the OnePlus 2 is the fingerprint scanner which sits below the screen. It looks like sitting on a physical button but it is not. It is more of a touchpad kind of a thing and the button-y design is to guide you where to need to keep your finger.

The fingerprint scanner is not as fast as on the iPhone 6 but it is faster than using a pattern or a password.

OnePlus had to omit out the NFC, IR Transmitter and FM Radio to balance things out.

  • Display

The OnePlus 2 has a 5.5 inches screen which is a 1080p IPS LCD display similar to the one in the original OnePlus One. Though OnePlus Two had chosen to avoid the Quad HD display in its flagship, but is that even necessary on a phone’s screen? To me the 1080p screen looks very fine for a phone, it is bright and sharp for all the purposes of a smartphone. The screen on the OnePlus 2 produces more natural colors compared to the OnePlus One.


And choosing the 1080p display, OnePlus had reduced the load on the battery and that way if putting  1080p screen on  the OnePlus 2 instead of a Quad HD screen offers me better battery lifetime and improved performance, I am up for it.

  • User Interface

The OnePlus One has the Cyanogen OS that was highly customizable and loved by many, on the OnePlus 2 we will be missing that and it has the OnePlus’ own OxygenOS. OnePlus have kept the OxygenOS very simple and it more or less looks like the stock version of the Android.


But if you have had used the OnePlus One you will be missing lots of features that the original had. Nevertheless, there are few nice tweaks that OnePlus 2 have come up with, now you can choose having a screen back, home, and multitasking keys. The quick setting shortcuts in the notification panel can now be changed. The Shelf screen is a very welcome addition to the new software. It sits at the left of the home screen and displays all the apps that you have recently used and the contacts and these can be easily accessed from here.

  • Performance

The OnePlus Two which comes packed with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, octa-core chipset and it delivers all the speed and smoothness that you will expect from a flagship device in 2015.  Yes, we have all by now heard about the heating issues of the Snapdragon 810 but the OnePlus 2 has managed to  handle these issues very good. I played different games on the device, like Asphalt 8, WWE Immortals, Gods among US and a few more and the device handled all of these games well without any laziness. You might just find your phone getting warmed after prolonged heavy usage but it at no point got uncomfortable.

Once in a blue moon, some apps opened with little delay but I guess that can be attributed to the Flakiness in Android. The OnePlus 2 is a brilliant performer and does not disappoint.

  • Camera

One area where the OnePlus Two had made a noteworthy improvement over the OnePlus One is the Camera. Spec wise the OnePlus 2 has a brilliant camera, with 13 MP sensor, six-element f/2.0 lens, optical image stabilization (OIS) and laser autofocus.


It performs amazingly in the daylight, taking brilliant photos. But I was not much satisfied with the quality of pictures I got in the low light conditions. The camera was a bit slow too, compared to the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

  • Battery

The OnePlus 2 has more battery power compared to the OnePlus 1, the OnePlus 2 is packed with a 3,300mAh battery when its predecessor was packed with only a 3,100mAh cell. But sadly the phone does not support fast charge or wireless charging.

The battery last an entire day quite easily with moderate to heavy usage.

  • Storage

The OnePlus 2 is currently available with the 64 GB option in India. And the device does not support the option to  expand the memory with a microSD card.


  • It is a performance beast, smooth, lag-free
  • Device has a nice build quality
  •  Nice Camera


  • Few software bugs, which will be removed in the update
  • NFC is missing
  • No radio
  • Fingerprint scanner has a low success percentage
  • Bottom Line

The OnePlus 2 offers the best value for money percentage and it does not disappoint at all, though calling it the ‘flagship-killer’ will be more of an exaggeration.

OnePlus Two Review:

The main USP of the OnePlus 2 are the specifications it is offering at this low price, I somehow wish they had put more thought into the design of the device and the invite system to get it does not make for a happy experience. If you are somehow able to get an invite and by the time, you get the invite if you are still interested in the OnePlus 2, it is a brilliant Smartphone.