Nexus 6P Microphone Issues, Poor Voice Quality Reported By Users


Do you own Google’s Huawei made Nexus 6P and lately the people you are talking to over a phone call have been complaining that they cannot hear you? If yes, then this is not a problem with your carrier network and also you are not alone in facing this problem. Now it seems like some people are having problems with the on-board microphone. There have been quite a number of people complaining on the official Google product forums, and also on the XDA Developer Forums that the  people they talk to over their Nexus 6P complain about the low quality, dulled, spotty sound.

According to the posts on the forum this problem persists both in the standard call mode as well as when you are using the speakerphone. A good thing to note is the Google representatives have acknowledged the complaints on the official Google forum, and they informed that they are looking into the matter.

Users Complaining about the Nexus 6P Microphone Issues like Poor Voice Quality, Dull, Spotty Sound


There are few people on the forums reporting that when they cover the microphone mounted on the rear of the device (used for noise cancellation), it solves the problem for them. Contrary to this, there are people who report that it is covering the same microphone that creates the problem for them. The reason of the cause of the problem can be any but the thing that is sure is that there is in fact a problem that persists and Huawei has some harsh questions coming towards them to answer.

A user posted about the poor call quality on the official Google Forum – “While talking to my wife she could barely hear me and said it sounded like I was very far away or muffled. This was while I had the headset to my ear like normal. If I put it on speaker, she said it would sound okay. I tried to find others with this phone and a similar issue, but couldn’t. Please help!”

Let’s just hope that the problem is a software one and Google soon releases a software update to fix the issue. But if the problem is related to a hardware issue, there are tough times ahead for Google.