Best Upcoming Games 2017 – 2018, Top 36 New Games 2017, Best Games 2017 for Computer, Laptop and PC

upcoming games 2017

Upcoming Games 2017: Competing on video games has never been a child’s play. You have to struggle hard to get to the higher level and then push yourself beyond the limits to win. You might lose a couple of times, but when you do win the pleasure of winning doesn’t stop you from playing again. What I mean to say is that once you start playing video games you can’t stop. There is no going back. You would always keep looking for something new and interesting. And then you would try to win it too. Here we have updated top 10 new games 2017. So please have a look below.

As the year is coming to an end, I am sure you might have tried your hands on all the popular games of the year. But there’s nothing to worry. We have a bunch of huge crazy new video games lined up for the year 2017.

Top 36 Upcoming Games 2017, Best PC Games 2017

#1 The Legend of Zelda NX

Though, the legend of Zelda NX, was suppose to launch in 2016, it has been pushed to early 2017. The publisher of the game is Nintendo. It is expected to be more than just a riding a horse game. The best part is that it will be released for Nintendo NX as well as Nintendo Wii U platform. The game trailer promises it to be the best Zelda game ever made. But as of now we care about the handsome warriors suits worn by the characters in the game. The Legend of Zelda Nx is one of the most awaited and best upcoming games 2017

The Legend of Zelda NX

#2 God of War

It is one of the most popular video games. The new version that is launching in the coming new year has a different and peculiar mythology in its plot. And this time it has to conquer Norse. It is the fourth big entry in the God of War series. The title is reserved for Play station 4. Though the central character of the story Kratos is now supporting a charming beard in the game, I believe it would have the same excitement and action play as ever. Kratos seems to have a little control over his out bursting rage in the game as he is seen playing a father figure to another gifted child. The child has latent lightning powers. Let’s see what new creatures are introduced to get smashed by Kratos this time. God of War is one of the popular upcoming video games of 2017.

r upcoming-video-games-of-2017

#3 Persona 5

The date for the release of Persona 5 has been finally arrived in February 2017 and the game is one of the most awaited new games 2017. But the relief factor comes in the fact that the game has taken a leap from Play station 3 to Play station 4 this time. The new release is supposed to bring a dramatic change in the plot of the game. You will still find teenage kids fighting against the supernatural powers, but this series might cast the young teenagers as ghost burglars in addition. Anyway, it will be fun to see those youngsters jump roof tops all suited up to accomplish the mission.


#4 Resident Evil 7

Bio hazard: The game brings back the original action for which the game is most anticipated. The previous version was seen lacking on the action part and shifting the game line towards a mediocre action game. Resident Evil 7- Bio hazard will be again seen bringing back the old jam packed action horror sequences of the Resident Evil traditional series. The game is as usual the first person shooter, with the character exploring the horrifying dark and dingy environments. It will be fun to explore the unexpected horror even in this part of the Resident Evil series. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One as well as PC.


#5 Mass Effect

Andromeda: Continuing the mass effect universe series, the game is expected to take the players to find a new home for humanity. You can expect a lot of conversations, romances, and shooting things in the game along with some adventure. The central character of the game plot Master Shepard is expected to save the day, but there’s much more to explore towards the adventure of the game. Owners of PS4, Xbox One as well as PC can enjoy the game. Mass Effect is one of the best upcoming games 2017.

Mass Effect

#6 For Honor

It is of the tough beat-em-up genre. For Honor is for the ones who absolutely love pure combat techniques and chaotic battle fields. It is a four against four in the game play where Knights, Samurai, and Vikings all are made to fight against each other. You can definitely expect smooth fluid animations in the game. The version of the game to be launched in 2017 is expected to be the Deadliest and action battle filled combat game ever. The anticipated game will be available for PS4, Xbox One as well as PC. For Honor is a game that is one of the popular new games 2017.


#7 Horizon Zero Dawn

The action packed game takes things from the normal world and twists them up to make a unique transformed world game. It has a story that you will find distinguished. It has fate, destiny and identity involved. The game is definite to surprise us with possessed robotic dinosaurs that seem in a complete ruthless mood, ready to attack people. Expect the coolest weapons and some hot shot action scenes in addition to the wonderful villains. Disappointing some, it will be initially released for Play station 4.


#8 Prey

The first person shooter game Prey 2006 has been completely modified and taken to the next level. You can expect a drastic improvement and change in the game from its previous version. The Protagonist of the game Morgan Yu, this time has been confined to a space station with creepy zombie like aliens attacking him from everywhere. And he has to shoot all his way along and try to stay alive. The situations are expected to become more and more challenging. The all new shooter game will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Prey is most awaited upcoming games.


#9 Days Gone

Exclusively anticipated amongst the play station 4 owners, this game is all about getting rid of the un-dead. So if you thought that the era of Zombie games are over, the ‘Days gone’ will surprise you with its shooter game play. The challenge might occur in surviving the situation when nearly a dozen of the villain ‘Freakers’ come crashing towards you and all that’s left to do will be run away.

Days Gone

#10 Need For Speed 2017

NFS 2017 is also one of the best upcoming games 2017. In 2016 the EA gaming studio didn’t release any game from NFS series but now in 2017 they are going to launch Need For Speed 2017. The thing is also mentioned on their official website, so the expectations are high. The game will available for PlayStation and Xbox users first and then then after 2 or 3 months it will available for PC. We all have played NFS and enjoyed it much. Those who are new to this world should know that the game is all about car racing in which you have to compete with others.


#11 Lords of the Fallen 2

Lords of the Fallen was an above the average and good game. It had an almost dark souls feel to it, but not as difficult. So we can say it was a fine game not great. This time we are hoping that Lords of Fallen 2 will take the franchise to a new level. The company will try to reach a wide audience by making a rich story. Their target is to bring something new to the game and make it one of the best video games 2017.

Lords of the Fallen 2

We are not aware that what kind of changes they will do, but we are interested to know that changes. Wait will be over soon with launch of Lords of the Fallen 2. As per expectations this game is one of the best Upcoming Games 2017.

#12 Fallout 5

The most awaiting and best upcoming game Fallout 5 is coming in 2017. The story of Fallout 5 is going to be quite similar with Fallout 4 Story. The story of Fallout was based on Boston city in year 2287, after 210 years of nuclear war. The concept of a Fallout game is completely unique that is why it is one of the best New games 2017.The weapons and graphics feel is completely different that you may check in its trailer. The expectations from FO 5 are much higher, so we are waiting for Fallout 5 release date which is not confirmed yet.

Fallout 5

Best Action Games 2017

#13 Far Cry 5

After launch of Far Cry 4, It is confirm that FC 5 is going to launch in March 2017. Let’s know what Far Cry game is? Far Cry 5 is all about a jungle area in which you have to fight with animals like Tiger, Elephant etc. You have to complete several missions facing difficulties. The most interesting thing about Far Cry is its graphics. The game gives us a realistic feel of jungle that we can imagine in dreams only. If you are waiting for Upcoming Games 2017 then Far Cry 5 will be your tip. So please wait for some months to play Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5

#14 Injustice 2

It is a sequel of a hit fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Injustice 2 features DC superheroes and super villains. The game allows you to design your favorite DC Character and play variety of game modes. The player can play as Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Supergirl to fight super villains like Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus. So every gamer is pretty excited for Injustice 2 releases because it is one of the best upcoming games 2017. Injustice 2 will able to earn and unlock new armors won’t only add a new look to their characters but also give them different boosts.


#15 Scalebound

Scalebound was scheduled to launch in 2016 but the company postponed the date and decided to release in in 2017. PlatinumGames has developed this Scalebound and it is a most awaiting game of the year. On one side, this developer has a few good games like Madworld, Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101. But on other side the developer has some great games like The Ledgend of Zelda, Star Fox Zero and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan. This is the reason that we all are very excited about Scalebound. The trailer of Scalebound is 20 minutes long and it is completely awesome. The players need to take control of a drew alongside a dragon ‘Thuban’. We are hoping that the game is one of the best upcoming games 2017.

#16 Spider Man

Another Spider Man game is releasing in 2017 as Sony has officially announced that they are releasing a Spider Man game soon in 2017. The game is developed by Insomniac games and it became Best New Games 2017 just after announcement. We all know about the game that how a man climb buildings with his powers and fight with villains. Spider Man graphics are awesome and we love to play it. Spider Man is expected to launch in Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2017. This time again, we are expecting a great story behind this game. So dear friends we are hoping that your wait will be over soon with the release of Spider Man.

Best New Games 2017

#17 Call of Duty VR

Call of Duty VR: Call of Duty is going to give virtual experience now so the gamers can experience war and fight closely. Actually Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are future of gaming and Call of Duty is implementing it. So Call of Duty is one of the best upcoming video games 2017. The gamers will have 360 degree fights as they take to a cutting edge jackal contender plane and duke it out. So we all are waiting for Call of Duty VR launch date.


#18 Battalion 1944

Before announcement of Battlefield 1, Battalion 1944 took our attention and interest. However Battalion 1944 and Battlefield 1 are world war set first shooter games but completely different. Battalion 1944 will feature a dedicated server with anti-cheat mechanisms in place. The game Battalion 1944 will be multiplayer only, so you can’t play it single.

Battalion 1944

We watched its trailer of Battalion 1944 and it is beautiful. We are pretty sure that the game will be one of the best upcoming games 2017. FPS players are in for a treat without wall climbing.

#19 Assassin’s Creed Empire

We all know about Assassin gaming series. If we explain this game in one world then we would say it’s fantastic. Assassin’s Creed Empire is perfect in all aspects and one of the best new games 2017. The story, graphics, characters and all other things are looking perfect. The most important thing the people like in Assassin’s Creed games is ability to kill, ability to climb and a good storyline. The company didn’t launch any game in 2016 because they were working on upcoming games 2017. So now we are expecting Assassin’s Creed Empire to be launched in 2017. The game is expected to based Egypt, so it will have temples, pyramids and many other interesting things.

#20 Sea of Thieves

We all love pirates as we are watching them from our childhood in movies, comics etc. The swashbuckling, the loot, the fabulous hats, the rum, most of us have a dream to run away to sea and be a pirate. So friends, the time has come to live that dream with your friends. It became possible because of the game Sea of Thieves. It is an adventure genre game supports both Xbox One and PC. Sea of Thieves is one of the best upcoming games 2017 expected to release in start of 2017.

Sea of Thieves

The game Sea of Thieves is looking pretty cool. The makers of the game have not revealed much but we are expecting this game to be a great one. So guys be ready to play Sea of Thieves in 2017.

#21 Crackdown 3

The crackdown series is all about a cop in corrupt open-world city run by gangs. The remarkable things about the game is that you start as a normal guy but by the end of the game you can leap up the sides of skyscrapers and wipe out bad guys single handed.

Crackdown 3

We have not seen much in 3rd installment but we know that the game is one of the best new games 2017. Watch Crackdown 3 trailer from YouTube and get the idea of game. Be ready to play Crackdown 3 with your friends next year.

#22 State of Decay 2

It is going to be a great fun by surviving a zombie apocalypse. The game State of Decay 2 is for you if you love to play survival role playing game. The game is following the footsteps of its predecessor by offering you a survival role.


Surviving with friends is always an interesting thing than surviving alone. The game State of Decay 2 features up to 4 player co-op multiplayer, it means that your friends can leave or join your game anytime. If you want to know more about State of Decay 2 then go on YouTube and watch its trailer. You are definitely going to love this game, so we have added this in our best upcoming video games 2017 list.

#23 Below

Below is the one of the best new video games 2017. If we talk about developers, Capybara games is a much creative team. The games like Might and Magic; Clash of Heroes, the artistic adventure game Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, and Super Time Force developed by Capybara. So it will be pretty difficult to miss the upcoming game ‘Below’.


The ‘Below’ is all about top-down action adventure game stars a hero at an Island. This is not like other games because the death of that hero is permanent in this game. You will need to start from square one each time you perish. We are eagerly waiting for this game to release.

#24 Cuphead

The Cuphead is an award winning game because of its unique story. The most interesting part of the game is that, in this game you won’t have to fight with devil, you just need to deal with him. The game looks like cartoons of 1930’s.


Cuphead and Mugmen gambled with devil and lost. Then devil said “I will spare you but you have to do my bid and fight with bosses. You run around the fire off projectiles to defeat enemies. The bosses are huge and have many powers. SO the game Cuphead is a interesting and one of the best upcoming games 2017. The wait will be over soon.

#25 Halo Wars 2

It is a real-time strategy game going to release on 21st February 2017. As name, suggests Halo Wars is set in Halo universe and it puts you in charge of an army of Spartan soldiers along military vehicles like Scorpions and Warthogs. Most of our friends are the familiar with Halo Wars as they have already played the 1st part of game.


The game is all about to destroy enemies who are having some dangerous powers. The game is much entertaining for Real Time System fans there. So the wait will be over with the release of Halo Wars on 21st February. You may watch Halo Wars 2 trailer from YouTube.

#26 Vampyr

The most awaiting game Vampyr being developed by Dontnod. His 1st game was “Remember Me” which got appreciations. After that he came with his next game “Life is Strange” which was critically acclaimed master piece. And now he is working on his next game, which is Vampyr. As name suggests the game revolves around vampire doctor who is forced to come to terms with his undead condition. Dontnod ensures that it’s possible to complete game without taking a single life. The game Vampyr is set in London of 1918 during Spanish flu pandemic. That’s why we are eagerly waiting for this game to launch. However the release date of Vampyr has not been released yet. We are just hopping that the wait for one of the best upcoming games 2017 will be over soon.


#27 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

It is one of the best upcoming games 2017 releasing on 27th January 2017. This is a shooter genre game developed on steam platform. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a 3rd installment of sniper ghost warrior franchise. The game set in civil war in Georgia. The game is an open world first person tactical shooter where players need to use their minds. It has been described as a less linear experience from its predecessor as SGW 3 is the 1st game that is featuring an open world setting. We can’t wait for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 release date.


After checking some best upcoming games 2017-18, now it is time to check some new games 2017. So please have a look on top 10 best video games for PC below.

Best Upcoming Games 2017, Best Games 2017 for Computer

#1 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild hunt blood and wine is a exceptional expansion to the foundation and ruling the thrown of the best. It is a rich story narrated tragedy game with full humor. The best part is the mutations done to the character. The whole concept and story is about vampires which truly engage the interest. So it is a perfect choice to make.


#2 Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)

GTA V is the newly optimised version of the GTA franchise which is the most awaited game as the previous version of GTA legacy was also very loved by the audience, in this one the more realistic experience has been introduced to the audience for the betterment with more high-end graphics with fully new set of missions and gameplay so overall a fully packed choice for the GTA lovers. GTA is one of the poplar and best computer games of its time.


#3 Bio-Shock Infinite

Bio- shock is yet another brilliant game with a fully motivational story. Bio shock creates a unique, living and unpredictable FPS experience and provides run and gun around the corridors experience. So it is a very newly optimized creation by the developers. So a nice choice to make.


#4 OverWatch

Overwatch is acclaimed as one of the best games 2017 in the gaming industry. This game introduced the freeform structure of the Heroes of the storm with offence defence and tank support where winning and losing is about the momentum which lets you play the game again. The game comes in our list of best games 2017.


#5. Inside

Inside is another action mission game from playdead developers team. This is a basically a haunted game. Wherein a boy finds himself into centre of a dark project. This game has also amazing graphics quality. The game is firstly introduced over Xbox. On the whole it is a amazing game to play.


#6 Dark souls 3

Dark soul 3 is another dark fantasy humoured game. The very different thing in this game is unlike others it’s difficulty levels are viciously high as compared to the others. The game also has very figured graphic which peaks the interest. So it is a perfect choice to make for game lovers.


#7 NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is another realistic games which makes the player indulges in it. the game was developed by visual concepts team. In this game you will get to find the best action and speed over the courts. It also upholds a very great graphic and amazing sound texture which triggers the interest. So overall it is a cool choice for sports game lovers. NBA 2K17 is one of the best New games 2017.


#8 The Witness

The witness is an adventure hunt game which was introduced in September this year 2016. Interestingly the game is of maze and puzzles. The game was introduced for PS4 and PC. So The Witness is a cool choice for simple and clear game lovers. The Witness is one of a choices and best computer games of 2017.


#9 Uncharted 4; Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 Thief’s end is a very cool one likely the prior three partly the game had uplifted its level with the feeling of boundless experience it delivers a unforgettable end to the legacy of Uncharted. The game is developed by the naughty dogs’ team and we must say they again surprised with the graphic quality. So the game is a must to play.

Best Upcoming Video Game Releases 2017

Here in this article we have updated top 36 best upcoming games 2017. We will update this list of New games 2017 as we get information of any other upcoming game. We know, you are eagerly waiting for these games to release after reading this article. But you will have to wait for sometime to enjoy these above given best games 2017. Keep in touch with us for latest information.