Rumors: The New 4-inch iPhone Might be Called iPhone 5e, Get Detailed News


The leaks and rumors about a new 4-inch iPhone has gone up in numbers recently, with the most expected name iPhone 6c but going by the latest news that is doing the rounds, the latest 4-inch iPhone may be dubbed as iPhone 5e. The letter ‘e’ in the name is said to represent ‘enhanced’. This news might turn out to be reality as the iPhone 5e is in fact an enhanced version of the iPhone 5s, expected to come with Apple’s latest features such as A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, Apple Pay and others.

It is not a secret anymore that Apple is presently working on the next version of iOS, iOS 9.3, that will primarily come with bug fixes. Now, according to the latest news in the US, the new iOS 9.3 will debut on the new 4-inch iPhone that will be named as iPhone 5e and this announcement will be made in an event that is scheduled for March.

The New 4-inch iPhone Might be Called iPhone 5e, iPhone 5e Rumors, News

The New 4-inch iPhone Might be Called iPhone 5e

The sources have also informed that this new iPhone 5e device is presently in mass production stage at Foxconn, with also the reports of Apple retaining only the 16GB and 64GB variants for the new iPhone.

Let us check the most probable specifications of the iPhone 5e (if that is what the name Apple chooses), the smartphone will just like the iPhone 5S sport  a smaller 4 inch screen, and it will have the 8 MP primary camera. The new enhanced version of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5e will be powered by the Apple A9 processor, but according to this latest rumors Apple might just go forward with the A8 processor along with 1GB RAM due to the cost constraints as they want the iPhone 5e price to stay under $500 (3288 yuan or Rs. 33400).

Apple wants to target the still large crowd of people who would prefer a small 4 inch screened phone due to the ease of usage and presently Apple is the only smartphone manufacturer who offers a top end 4 inch smartphone in its iPhone 5s but as that has now become slightly outdated an enhanced version of it namely iPhone 5e might help Apple shoot the profit curve higher up.