Moto G4 Plus Review – Fewer Emotions, Better Performances

moto g4 plus review

Here, we bring you our Moto G4 Plus Review, the fourth generation of Motorola’s phones recently released. With two phones, Motorola wants to satisfy all the customers. The G4 and the G4 Plus are successors of the amazing Moto G3 that was one of the best Motorola’s phones with its very personal design. Is the Moto G4 Plus a good newborn? Here is our Moto G4 Plus smartphone review.  

Moto G4 Plus Review – with Full Specification
Moto G4 Plus Design, Display Review
Moto G4 Plus Software, Hardware Review\
Moto G4 Plus Camera Review
Moto G4 Plus User Review – Final Verdict

Moto G4 Plus Review 

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Moto G4 Plus Review
Moto G4 Plus Review – Full Phone User Review

Moto G4 Plus Design, Display Review

Moto G4 Plus Design Display Review
Moto G4 Plus Design and Display Review

Motorola has always surprised us with a unique design for its phones. The G3 was appreciated for its personality coupled with good features and at a good price. Unfortunately, the G4 Plus doesn’t create the same feeling because it is like the other phones; I mean it is a good-looking phone but with a deja vu design but utilitarian. The Moto G4 Plus has loosened the bulge (of the G3) at the back and the phone is thicker than the previous one. All in plastic, the G4 Plus looks cheap and is similar to Samsung Galaxy but from years ago.

At the front of the Moto G4 Plus, we discover a 5.5 inch full HD display (1920*1080) that is one of the good points of the Moto G4 Plus. The screen is colorful and with a very good contrast. We did notice some problems while using the G4 Plus outdoors due to a reflective screen, but we saw worse on other phones. There is also a fingerprint scanner that is very fast but small and it looks like a home button but it’s not so it takes time to be accommodated with it.

The speaker of the Moto G4 Plus is on the top and offers quite a good sound. The problem is that the sound is not very loud even when it’s full volume.  

At the back, there is a removable cover in order to access at the SIM card and micro SD slots. The buttons on the side of the phone are precise and the glass looks rigid.

Finally, the G4 Plus is quite light for a 5.5 inch (155g) so it’s quite appreciable but maybe it can slip easily.

Moto G4 Plus Software, Hardware Review

Moto G4 Plus Software Hardware Review
Moto G4 Plus Software and Hardware Review

As usual, Motorola is offering pure Android software. This time, the Moto G4 Plus is running with the last Android Marshmallow version and it looks like an interface of a Nexus Phone. The software is the best on this Moto G4 Plus. It is simple, comprehensive and with good animations that are making a difference in comparison of competitors’ OS.

Some features have been added to the phone by Motorola and are very useful.  For example, all the Moto gestures are present (twist the phone to open camera, when you take your phone out of your pocket the notifications appear etc.). Furthermore, we appreciate the additional options of the very basic Android camera app that give manual control to the user.  

Moto G4 Plus Design Display review

Regarding the hardware, Motorola proposes two variants of the Moto G4 Plus that aren’t very different:

  • One with 2GB RAM / 16 GB storage
  • One with 3GB RAM / 32GB storage

The Snapdragon 617 is an 8-core processor that offers a good speed and very good performance at the G4 Plus compared to his predecessor the Moto G3.  There is no complain about the rapidity of the phone because performances are smooth and without lag in all types of apps.  

One of the rare problems of the hardware is the heat that the G4 Plus makes when you are playing games. This is, unfortunately, a regular problem on all the phones that are equipped with a similar processor.

The battery of the Moto G4 Plus is the best of all compared to the competitors of Motorola. With a 3000 mAh battery, the phone can be easily used for 14-15 hours. The phone also delivers with a turbo charging that takes a few minutes to reach 20-30% of battery.

Moto G4 Plus Camera Review

Moto G4 Plus Price Review
Moto G4 Plus Camera Review

The Moto G4 Plus has been created in order to give to the consumer a better camera than the G4 and all its predecessors. With a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera, Motorola made a right choice.

The front camera has a big angle lens so it covers a lot of area that is appreciable for big group selfies and video chat. The image quality in low light or not is very appreciable and very colorful.

For another hand, the rear camera gives many details on its pictures. The support for laser and the dual phase autofocus give images with lots of colors and excel during macro-picture or closer shots.

At all of this, you can add fantastic low-light pictures and videos pretty good too.

Finally, the Moto G4 Plus is the better and the faster camera in its class.

Moto G4 Plus User Review – Final Verdict

Moto G4 Plus Hands on Review
Moto G4 Plus User Review – Final Verdict

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We have now seen different aspects of the new G4 Plus mobile phone in this Moto G4 Plus Review and it is time to come to a conclusion. If you can afford a smartphone at Rs. 13,499 you can add the Moto G4 Plus to your list. This phone is one of the best of its class, all is good except the design but this is depending of your taste.

With a screen very impressive and an ease to use software, the G4 Plus has convinced us. Add to this the best camera of the class and a good battery life and you have the complete smartphone. This phone is a big change in Moto category because it gives fewer emotions that the G3 but can conquer our heart with its performance. The Moto G4 Plus is now available in India only on Amazon website. Let us know what do you think of the Moto G4 Plus Review in the comments section below.