Mobile World Congress News & MWC 2017 Date Announced, Set to Start From 27th Feb to 2nd March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

MWC 2017 Venue Schedule Location

We are a few months back from the much awaited and highly anticipated MWC 2017. The Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017) is the biggest fair or we can say that the place where all the global mobile leaders gather, collaborate and conduct business. This event is organized every year at a global platform top requisite the tech lovers across the world.

It is the best venue for the new entrants to showcased their products and get the limelight by doing industry networking, new business opportunities, and deal-making. In the event, the prominent smartphone players released their keynotes and discussed on the provoking technologies. The Mobile World Congress news that is displayed on the web surface, this is the exhibition with more than 2,200 companies and presented their cutting-edge products and technologies. The event that hosts at the worldwide level meets to the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony; that identifies the most innovative mobile solutions and new startups from around the world.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017

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Mobile World Congress News – MWC 2017 Dates, Schedule, Location Announced

Reviewing, the previous event apart from the latest Mobile World Congress 2017 dates. The annual MWC 2016 event collaborated more than 101,000 mobile professionals from 204 countries in the tech largest ever event.

If you want to grab the details for the MWC 2017, Mobile World Congress 2017 dates, Mobile World Congress news, go through our well-narrated article from the below-mentioned details.

What is Mobile World Congress?

mobile world congress (mwc) latest updates, news

The GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) is the World’s biggest mobile industry event. This event is a combination of a great exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featured by a prominent industries leaders, mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

Earlier in 2014, the GSMA announced that their annual summer event in China was renamed by the Mobile World Congress banner as “Mobile World Congress Shanghai.” The event brings an extensive exhibition, an award-winning conference, partner programs, excellent networking opportunities, the Glomo Awards and much more.

Who is MWC For?

MWC, in a general way we say that, it is an event for the new business initiatives in the way of mobile phones with the latest technologies. It is a B2B event, means it is for anyone and everyone and for those who want to discover, how the new upcoming mobile technology can benefit their industries. If you want to grab the learning about the latest mobile technology trends. Then, it is the best opportunity and the best platform. So, plan your trip to the Barcelona, Spain to make your trip worthwhile. Visit, the official website to get the most accurate information.

New in MWC 2017

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The MWC 2017 seems to be the more interesting, as there are a lot of new things seems to be happened, as we all are waiting for the last few time. The highly anticipated Nokia, this time will release its keynote about the launch of its Android-based smartphones to join the league of battle in the mobile markets. There are a lot of rumors rendered on the web, and we take a pinch of salt surrounding the new design, hardware, concept of Nokia C1 and Nokia P1. Now, the time has come to the Nokia to show its presence again. Along with the Nokia, there are various initiatives to join the league, but the talkative point is Nokia because it is a successful old player.

The latest appointed CEO of Nokia, Mr. Rajiv Suri will be speaking at the MWC 2017 along with the prominent members of the company. From this event, we can expect that the firm will launch its device in the Q1 2017.

As per the sources, the HMD will launch the Nokia smartphones and tablets. As it has acquired the rights of Nokia brand phones from Microsoft.

What is the MWC 2017 Venue?

Earlier in the past, the GSM announced the Barcelona, Spain to be the capital of Mobile World Congress. MWC takes place each year in the capital of announced MWC. There are two venues in the Barcelona, Spain where the event takes place: Fira Gran Via and Fira Montjuic.

Fira Gran Via is a cutting-edge exhibition and conference facility, situated just 10 Km from the Barcelona airport. The address of the venue is Fira Gran Via, Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L’ Hospitalet de LIobregat, Barcelona. Till, the official announcement of the another place not happened, all the event first preferences given to the Fira Gran. The MWC 2017 Venue is finalized to happen in Barcelona, Spain.

What are the Mobile World Congress 2017 Dates?

mobile world congress 2017 date, mwc date

Every year, the Mobile World Congress date occurs at the end of February each year. The MWC 2017 dates are set to be from Monday, 27 February and continue through Thursday, 2nd of March 2017. The event will begin with these dates. The tech enthusiasts, who are planning to attend the event, will reach to the Barcelona and collect their badges over the weekend before the event at around 25th Feb – 26th February.

Past Event MWC Dates

  • The 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 22–25, 2016
  • The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from March 2–5, 2015
  • The 2014 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 24–27, 2014
  • The 2013 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 25–28, 2013
  • The 2012 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 27 to March 1, 2012
  • The 2011 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 14–17, 2011
  • The 2010 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 15–18, 2010
  • The 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress took place from February 16–19, 2009

MWC 2017 Event Date, Schedule, Venue

The MWC is the event for which the every tech lover is eagerly waiting for. The event is the combination of various technology embedded within a device along with the top-notch companies leaders keynote. The MWC 2017 event will schedule to be held to be held in the heart of Spain, Barcelona. The MWC 2017 date is set for February 27th to 2nd March 2017. We will provide you the every coverage, every Mobile World Congress News of the event here, so keep an eagle eye on us to grab the full information on DLB Gadget.