Microsoft Pix Camera App Features, Download for IOS – Will Soon Launch for Android Users


Microsoft Pix IOS App: There is good news for those who love to take pictures. Microsoft introduces a new iPhone camera App called as “Microsoft Pix”, for the better experience of image quality. Although you might have an inbuilt camera but the company wants to give you better quality. According to Microsoft, it is also called as “smarter camera app”. The user will get some best results in the images, as efforts are taken in this new App. There has been a use of artificial intelligence for improving the quality. There will be an automatic enhancement of picture and camera will be adjusted automatically. The app is free for the iPhone devices. The MicrosoftPix will be available in India soon.

Microsoft Pix Features, Free Download for IOS, Will Soon Launch for Android Phone

Microsoft Pix app

The iPhone app working is very fantastic and easy. It will automatically delete 10 images in which it finds no smile on the person face, eyes are close and faces are blurred. You can even compare the original picture and an enhanced picture with the help of toggle button. This facility is given for the user to feel the comparison of the images. The color, focus and even the exposure of the image will be improved. The company also has added its own version of Apple’s live photo; this essentially creates a live image.

Microsoft Pix Features

  • Automatic process
  • Easy to access
  • Eye Catching
  • Available fee
  • Improve the image quality

Microsoft Pix App for Android

Microsoft Pix for android

The Microsoft Pix App for Android will also be available soon. Right now there is no information about this, but we will update you each and every information’s about the same. You will get Microsoft Pix App Android features, place of availability and other important points. If you are looking to download Pix App for the smartphone then you will soon able to download it from the Google Play Store. When this App will be available for the android mobile phone we will notify you that how to download Microsoft pix for android phones

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Microsoft Pix Download

Microsoft Pix for ios iphone

The Microsoft Pix IOS app is available free for iOS devices and the user can easily get it through Appstore. The company has made efforts and took a good step for its customers. So, we hope you will take this App into consideration. The MicrosoftPix App available in India.