LiFi to Offer Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb, 100 times Better than WiFi


LiFi new type of wireless internet technology has developed that will provide a connection speed 100 times faster than WiFi that we are using nowadays. The name of this new technology is LiFi and it has been tested by an Estonian startup called Velmenni, who are currently trialing it in offices.

LiFi is capable of sending data at speeds of up to 1GBps which is 100 times better than current WiFi connections. With help of this new technology Song, Full HD Movies, Games would be downloaded in seconds. LiFi transmits data by using Visible Light Communication (VLC). Data is sent between networks by LED lights that flicker so fast.  


LiFi to Offer Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb

There is just one limitation of using this technology that it works on visible light, so it can’t pass through walls. However, this limitation will make network more secure. The increased speeds make it a big improvement on current technology for some applications as well.

Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb

Professor Harald Haas. from University of Edinburgh discussed the technology and used the term LiFi in 2011, but this is the first time this thing is introduced to the real world.  Haas said, ” we need to fit a microchip at every illumination device and this will combine two functionalities that are illumination and wireless data transmission.” Further He told “In future we will not have 14 billion light bulbs, we will have 14 billion LiFis for a bright future.   CEO of Velmenni, Deepak Solanki  told that the technology would be reach out to the consumers in next 3 to 4 years.

Due to its limitations, it is expected that the It will run parallel with existing technologies to increase speed and efficiency of network. Currently, we all are using WiFi technology. It is achieved by transmitting data through radio waves and it is simply running out of space.