iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S Price, Full Phone Features & Specification Compared – Battle of 4-inchers


iPhone SE and iPhone 5S: In this Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S Comparison article we will help you figure out which among the two 4-inch Apple iPhones should you buy. Just yesterday Apple unveiled its latest iPhone to the world and it came featuring a 4-inch screen. The last 4-inch screen that Apple released was the iPhone 5s before the bigger screens on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus took over. But there was a huge section of people who hated going the Android way with the bigger screens and Apple has finally listened to them and come up with the new 4-inch iPhone SE to win them back.

iPhone SE and iPhone 5S Full Phone Specification Comparison

iPhone 5S and iPhone SE Price, Design, Display Comparison 

Camera and Processor Comparison 

Comparison between Battery and Software

Final Verdict

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S comparison
iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S Full Phone Specification Comparison

The new iPhone SE is basically a new, tastier wine in the old bottle. The SE features the same design and build as the 5s and these smartphones are almost identical but its is packed with the latest iPhone specifications and features inside. Thought the iPhone SE is packed with all the new specs and technology but with its arrival the iPhone 5s will see a steep price fall in India and the price-conscious smartphone user in India will not just let the iPhone 5s die. So here we are to help you compare the two 4-inch iPhones – iPhone 5s vs iPhone SE and assist you deciding which one you should buy.

iPhone SE and iPhone 5S Price, Design, Display Comparison

iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE
iPhone 5S and iPhone SE Design, Display, Price Comparison

Comparison Between PRICE: According to official reports the iPhone SE will arrive in India in the first week of April and the iPhone SE India Price will be set at Rs. 39,900 for the 16GB base variant. The reports also lists that the iPhone 5s price in India will be dropped to Rs. 18,000 after the arrival of the SE.

Build and Design Comparison: Both the iPhone SE and the old iPhone 5s sports the same build and design. But the new SE iPhone will be available in the new Rose Gold color variant too. The new iPhone SE is also slightly smaller in height and weighs slightly more. Though these differences are not even visible.

Display Comparison: Apple has not included the new 3D Touch feature in the iPhone SE. The displays on both SE vs 5S iPhones are very much similar. Both the iPhones come with 4-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels that translates to 326 ppi of pixel density. The new iPhone SE has the Gorilla Glass Protection on top along with oleophobic coating.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone SE Camera, Processor Comparison

iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Specification Comparison
iPhone SE and iPhone 5s Camera & Processor Comparison

Camera Comparison: In the iPhone 5s vs iPhone SE camera battle too, the new iPhone SE has a way better-performing camera than the one on the iPhone 5s. The new iPhone SE comes housing a 12MP primary iSight camera on the rear side compared to the 8MP Primary camera on the 5s. The primary camera on the iPhone SE can also record 4K videos and it can capture Live Photos too. The secondary camera on both the iPhone SE and iPhone 5s is the same 1.2MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture.

Processor Comparison: In the processor department, the iPhone SE clearly outperforms the older iPhone 5s that too with a huge margin in this iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s battle. The new iPhone SE has the same Apple A98 processor which powers the iPhone 6s, while the 5s is run by the older Apple A7 Chip. In the GPU department, the newer 4-inch iPhone SE packs the six core PowerVR GT7600 GPU while the 5S has only the quad-core PowerVR G6430 GPU. The processor in the older iPhone 5s is clocked at 1.3GHz and the new iPhone SE processor comes clocking a speed of 1.8GHz. The iPhone SE also packs the M9 motion coprocessor.

iPhone SE vs 5S Battery, Software Comparison

Apple iPhone 5S Price
Apple iPhone 5S

Battery Comparison: The older iPhone 5s came with a 1560mAh battery but Apple has bumped up the battery size to 1642mAh in the new iPhone SE.

Software Comparison: The iPhone SE will come running the latest iOS 9.3 out of the box and the iPhone 5s came with the iOS 7, but it will to be upgradable to iOS 9.3.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s Final Verdict

Apple iPhone SE Price
Apple iPhone SE

Well new we come to the results of the iPhone SE vs iPhone 5s comparison battle, the iPhone SE though looks the same as the iPhone 5s but it is a huge upgrade over the older iPhone. It is packed with the latest specifications and features and can be declared the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever. So if you do not have the monetary constraints applied and want a 4-inch iPhone (or any 4-inch smartphone for that matter) then the new iPhone SE is your best bet.