Apple iPhone 7 Dropped in Water, iPhone 7 Water Drop Test – Is This Smartphone Waterproof ?

iPhone 7 water drop test

The much talkative device of the current time, iPhone 7. If the iPhone 7 dropped in water, then what will be the result? Is the iPhone 7 able to pass the water drop test? For your theses type of queries, we research and analyze the complete phenomenal water test to make you aware for the protection and safety of your costlier premium device.

iPhone 7 Dropped in Water

iphone 7 water drop test
iPhone 7 Dropped in Water

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are officially water and dust resistant but not the waterproof. The users have to be aware that both the terms have a different meaning. The iPhone 7 have an IP67 rating under IEC standard 60529 that comes after the beta testing in a laboratory under the controlled condition. However, the Cupertino-based company already warned the users for this water drop; it is not a permanent, and it might decrease as a result of normal wear. The iPhone 7 is a water and splash resistant, so we have to know little about the IP67 rating.

What is IP67 Rating?

Generally, the IP67 rating conveys that the device can be dropped in water for up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet for around 30 minutes. But the actual score reveals for 15cm – 1 meter. The techno giant itself showed that the water resistance doesn’t mean that you can carry your iPhone 7 into the pool while swimming and do the operations with that. You can do this with the latest Apple Watch series.

If we talk about the competitor of Apple, the Samsung. Samsung used IP68 rating in its Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note Note 7. IP68 rating means, the device can be submerged in 1.5 meters or 5ft of water for over 30 minutes. The first comparison between both the high-end devices regarding the water drop is that you can take your iPhone 7 in water, and quickly you have to make it wet. While on the other hand, with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can take photos or even record videos in under a drink of water. Sadly, the iPhone 7 limits the user expectations. If your iPhone 7 dropped in water and remains immersed for a time, then hardly there is any possibility to get it recovered.

iPhone 7 Liquid Damage Warranty

iphone 7 liquid damage warranty
iPhone 7 Liquid Damage Warranty

The Apple has strictly warned about the iPhone 7 series after a user gets them wet. The device doesn’t allow for any claims regarding this. For example, if your iPhone 7 dunk into the coca-cola, alcohol, or any other liquid, then definitely the device is getting a chance of liquid damage and for this the Apple stated clearly, the warranty of the device will go void. Similarly, if the iPhone 7 swim in the salty water, it could result in damage and warranty will also void in the same case.

iPhone 7 Water Drop Test

iphone 7 is not a waterproof
iPhone 7 Water Drop Test

The last move, if your iPhone 7 dropped in water, then quickly get it out before it gets too much immersed in the water and could damage. The results for the iPhone 7 drop test wouldn’t found to be precise and the users are not happy with this. Keep the secure protection of your iPhone 7 with the well designed iPhone 7 waterproof cases and covers to make it sustainable.