Apple iPhone 6S Sales Reports, Opening Weekend Sees a Tepid Response


After we had initially reported to you that the bookings of the latest iPhones had failed to meet the expectations, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus went on sale starting from the mid night of October 15 and contrary to Apple’s belief of seeing a record breaking sales in India this year the new Smartphones received an unenthusiastic response.

According to reports, the combined sales of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus over the weekend are said to be somewhere near 50,000 units across all kinds of retail formats. This was something that the Apple and its retailers had not expected this year as the 55,000 handsets that were shipped into India last year went out of stock vary fast over the weekend and in order to counter similar situation.


iPhone 6S Sales Reports: Opening Weekend Sees a Tepid Response

This year, Apple had shipped three times that number but the sales have not been as expected. Initial sales trends though paint a different picture as the offtake has been only 30 per cent and most of the probable customers are waiting for a price cut.

The chief executive of electronic store chain, The Mobile Store, Alok Gupta, said that the sales at his outlets were though higher than last year’s sales, but still there are a lot of possible customers who are still in a wait and watch mode.

Mr. Gupta added that the initial for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is more or less of the die-hard Apple fans. The sales of the new iPhones are up by 30-40% over the sale last year. He also informed that the second wave to better the sales of the iPhone will be coming after some time when the prices of the iPhones fall.

Presently, the entry level price of the 16 GB variant of the iPhone 6s is as much as 16 per cent higher than that of the iPhone 6 of the same storage variant. The iPhone 6S costs a crazy Rs 62,000.

A number of other retailers too share the same ideas of Alok Gupta who are of the opinion that the second wave of iPhone 6s sale will come following a slash in the prices by online marketplaces.

The Chief Executive of a top retail chain says,”Given that mobile phones as a category has moved online a few years ago, most offline retailers will wait for the e-tailers to blink.”

Some sources have reported that the iPhone 6S will see a drop in the prices in the coming couple of weeks According to sources, prices are estimated to fall below Rs 60,000 for the base model of the iPhone 6s in the next couple of weeks, which might increase iPhones market in India.