iPhone 6S, 6S Plus Pre Bookings Fail To Meet Expectations in India


Apple is going to release the new iPhones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in India tomorrow, the pre-bookings of which had started a few days back, but what comes as a surprise to Apple is that the pre-bookings of their new iPhones have not been able to meet their expectations here. In contrast to Apple’s plan to boost the pre-bookings of the iPhones in India three times more as compared to last years, for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the pre-bookings have increased only by 10 to 15 per cent.

The trade pundits say that the buyers are expecting lower online prices, after the phones become widely available. One of the main reasons for the slump in the pre-booking number is the high price that the new iPhones are asking for. The lowest level of the range of iPhones cost a crazy 62000 INR and the highest model goes to a freaking 92000 INR. The new iPhones cost Rs. 9,000 more than what they did last year.


iPhone 6S, 6S Plus Pre Bookings Fail To Meet Expectations in India:

According to the CEO of leading consumer electronics chain many of the potential customers who the sellers had reached out for pre-booking wanted to wait and watch as they feel the prices of the new iPhones will crush online within two-three weeks after the official launch just ahead of Diwali.” He added that most discounts during current online festive sales were implied on older Apple products.


Thus seeing the trend of pre-bookings of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in India we can see how different it is from the global scenario. Apple had recently announced that the sales of the new iPhones have broken all previous years records with more than 13 million units of the iPhones sold in just three days after the launch.

The executive of a leading Online Shopping company said that the iPhone pre-bookings are going stale mainly because of ridiculously high prices.

In earlier reports it was reported that Apple wanted to sell 12 lac iPhones in India, during the quarter of October-December, which going by the pre-bookings look ‘high expectations’. We will bring you the sale figured of the new iPhones after the phones start officially selling in India starting today midnight.