Huawei Dethrones Xiaomi, Become Biggest Smartphone Seller in China


Huawei Dethrones Xiaomi in China: The Chinese tech giant Huawei who produces networking equipment in additions to Smartphones has caught up and defeated its rival Xiaomi to gain the top spot in the Chinese smartphone market that is the biggest in the world. This news will come as a big upset for Xiaomi, a company which is referred to as “the Apple of China.”

Dethroning Xiaomi, Huawei became the top smart phone vendor in China in the third quarter of 2015, while Xiaomi took the secondspot; this verdict came in by Canalys estimates. China’s Smartphone market is clearly the most competitive in the World and this is the first time that Huawei took the top spot. Huawei moved up to the first place seeing ayearonyear shipment growth of as high as 81%. Contrary to Huawei’s performance, Xiaomi’s shrank year on year and it struggled to keep its high growth.


Huawei Dethrones Xiaomi Become Biggest Smartphone in China

Jessie Ding, one of the key Research Analysts in Canalys said that Huawei taking over the top spot in China’s smart phone market is a praiseworthy feat, seeing the cutthroat and ever increasing Chinese smart phone market. Xiaomi, on the other hand will be under tremendous pressure to achieve its set target of 80 million phone shipments for the year of 2015 and losing its top spot at home will come as a major blow.

Speaking on this,Xiaomi said that its sales declined due to the product transition phase and that they are sure of rebounding.


Tony Wei, the spokesman for Xiaomi on Thursday wrote on the Chinese micro blogging website Weibo – “The China market is still big enough;Xiaomi’s focus is user experience and product innovation, and not just specifically seeking flashy numbers and the top market seat.”

Huawei, for a long time has been among the world’s biggest suppliers for networking gears used by telecommunications carriers and they have been putting extra efforts in expanding smartphone business and finally they look like succeeding. According to research firms, Huawei was the world’s 3rd largest smartphone vendor in the second quarter, just behind Samsungand Apple.