HTC One M10 Leaks, Price, Images, Launch Date – Tease Games Start


The HTC One M10 Launch date has been changed as per the new leaks and Rumors. HTC One M10 price will be released in two variants.

HTC One M10 Launch Date Updates: 

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer has started its tease games for its upcoming flagship smartphone – HTC One M10. The company took to its social media accounts to tease a picture showing off the chamfered edges of the HTC M10 with the caption “#Powerof10” that will most probably be the tagling of the upcoming One M10 smartphone from HTC.


This teaser image has some what given more weight to the leak image that we had earlier received. If this turns out to be true, I somehow get this feeling which tells me that this will further degrade HTCs position in the smartphone business. But let’s not settle down on any judgements right now and wait for more information on the HTC One M10 phone.


The famous smartphone leakster Evan Blass who is also famously known as evleaks has revealed another information about the HTC One M10 Launch Date in the US. We had previously got the information that the HTC One M10 will be announced on April 11 and it will be going on sale some time after that. Evan Blass has now informed that the HTC fans will have to go through a long period of wait between the HTC One M10 Release Date and the date it hit the shelves. According to Blass, who is a very reliable smartphone leak provider, the upcoming flagship smartphone from HTC, One M10 will be released in the US in the week that starts on the 9th May. We can expect the smartphone to be launched in other parts of the World in the month of May too.

HTC One M10 New Updates: Evan Blass has now shared what he calls is the white variant of the HTC One M10 smartphone. The images is posted below, which some how looks like a mix of the iPhone 6/6s and the Galaxy S6. The phone does not have the boom speakers on the front as we have already seen in the ealier leaked black variant of the smartphone. But when you closely look at the two leaked images, they themselves seem to differ, which makes me question the credibility of these images. I would suggest you to not take these images as the final product and keep in touch as we will get you all the latest HTC One M10 leaks, news and rumors leading up to the HTC One M10 Launch that will probably take place in March.


The famous smartphone leaker Evan Blass has shared an image claiming it to be of the HTC One M10. The image shows the front of the smartphone and the people do not seem to be much impressed with what they have got to see. The first thing that you notice about the smartphone depicted in the image (said to be the HTC M10) is its striking similarity to some other smartphone available in the market. The other things being a huge speaker accompanied by a huge front camera. The front of the smartphone is also depicted to be sporting a decentered led and a decentered home button. The boom speakers that has got a lot of appreciation for the HTC is also missing and we can also notice white antenna bands on the sides. The only thing that we can hope for here is that this do not turn out to be the real handset as that does not look profitable for the declining sales of HTC. Let us know your views about it in comments below.

HTC One M10 Leaks

While most of the leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony etc are gearing up to show off their new flagship devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2016 in Barcelona, another main player in the business, HTC, has probably decided to postpone the launch date for its next flagship smartphone codenamed HTC Perfume. The HTC smartphone that might see a launch with the name as One M10 will not be seeing a launch at the MWC 2016 but it might be unveiled at a separate dedicated launch event later on.

HTC One M10 Leaks, Rumors, Launch Date: Latest News

These news are come from the tipster LlabTooFeR who is a developer turned reliable HTC tipster. Considering the fact that LlabTooFeR has in the past tipped details about HTC handsets, which went on to be true, we can expect that these latest HTC One M10 leaks are also true.

HTC One M10 Specs Released

HTC One M10 Specs Released: Android 6.0.1 and Sense 8.0

In his tweet, LlabTooFer has written that – “HTC Perfume can be released on dedicated event. Unlike the previous info, it will run Android 6.0.1 and Sense 8.0_GP on the launch”, which means that the HTC One M10 smartphone will be running the latest Sense 8.0 UI on top of the latest version of Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow and the One M10 will most probably skip the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is scheduled for next month and will later come in a standalone launch event in the spring.

HTC One M10 Launch Date Release Soon

The tipster also informed that the company might release the HTC One M10 specs in two different variants. The U.S. and Europe variant of the smartphone will come powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor while the one for the Asian markets might be powered by the MediaTek SoC.

HTC One M10 Features Roundup: 3000mAh Battery + 23MP Primary Camera

The HTC One M10 feature is also rumored to pack a 3000mAh battery unit and according to the latest rumors, the smartphone will house a and a 23MP primary camera unit on the rear side. The company is also expected to introduce an advanced water resistant design in its new flagship smartphones.

HTC One M10 Camera Features

HTC One M10 Price, Launch Date: Leaked Soon

We will have to wait until March to get the exact information about the HTC One M10 Price, specs, leaks keep in touch if you want know latest news and about the One M10 rumors till then.

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