HTC One A9 Images Leaked | HTC Aero A9 Looks Like an iPhone


HTC One A9 Images Leaked: The story repeats once again, just few days before HTC scheduled date to unveil the HTC new One Series Smartphone on 20th October 2015, which we know would be the HTC One A9, codenamed as HTC Aero, the images of the dummy set of HTC One A9 has leaked. This is not the first time that the photos of the upcoming HTC One A9 have released, but this certainly is the best view of the device that we have got yet. Thanks to the Twitter account of @OnLeaks, we get to know what the new HTC One will look like and the design does look very familiar.


HTC One A9 Images Leaked that looks like an Apple iPhone:

The pictures we see in the images are of a “dummy” unit which will be up for display in the AT&T store, but as there are images from different angle we hardly will have any surprise left at the 20 October event. In addition from what we saw in the leaked images we could not help but compare the new HTC One Aero to the iPhone – the curved aluminum unibody, not so eye pleasing plastic lines for the antennas, raised camera, and the SIM and microSD card tray on the side, which surprisingly are oblong shaped.


The machined holes at the bottom for the speaker just add to our urge to compare the new HTC phones to the iPhones.

What we should not forget is that it was HTC and not Apple to first use plastic antenna channels on the back embedded in a uni-body aluminum design.

HTC Aero A9 looks Much like an iPhone:

Going by the reports, the HTC One A9 will be available in six color variants.

Furthermore, the HTC One A9 will probably won’t be the next big flagship Smartphone from HTC and according to the reports, it will be a mid-range device that will be competitively priced.


The rumored specs include a 5-inch Full HD display, 13 MP primary camera, Snapdragon 617 processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. It might have 16GB of storage with the availability of expandable storage option. The home button would probably have a fingerprint scanner embedded in it.

We will bring you the exact specification details of the upcoming HTC One A9 (HTC Aero) once they are out.