How to Save Videos to iPhone, Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Save Videos to iPhone

Save Videos to iPhone: Having an iPhone guarantees much. You enjoy one of the best camera features with many other perks, but there are also many challenges that one comes across. You will find unending restrictions of iPhone. Downloading from certain sources, some third party apps are only a few of them. Here we have mentioned the way to download YouTube videos on iPhone.

It is common to find that the first thing you look up to, when looking for a song or a video is YouTube. The popularity of YouTube has also increased to unparalleled levels. It is one of the most viewed sites of the world. And so it is bound to have one of the largest collections of videos ranging from karaoke, film releases, instrumental songs, covers etc. Even budding artists have an extra edge when they upload their videos on YouTube. The popular singers in the west too release their songs on YouTube. It is setting a trend on. And you got to be the first one to have it saved in your phone especially if you own a phone as cool as the iPhone. It is always about the number of views and number of downloads. Being an iPhone user you might easily stream YouTube videos, but downloading them will not be as easy. Some more restrictions on download were put up in the Apple’s iOS 10. But there is some steps to save YouTube videos to iPhone.

How to Save Videos to iPhone, Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

Though YouTube launched its offline version that people can view without advertisements coming across, it is still limited to the United States of America. So, if you watched a fantastic song on YouTube and wondering how to download it, let me tell you it won’t be just a click.

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There are apps that enables you to download Youtube videos on iPhone with ease. Here is a list of steps that you need to follow if you want to download videos to your iPhone

Steps to Save Videos to iPhone, Save YouTube Videos to iPhone

  • Search for an App in Your App Store:

The first step is to go to your app store in your iPhone and search for ‘Documents 5’. It is available for free, so no worrying on that part. Once you are done installing it, open the application and click on the icon towards the end of the screen that looks similar to the ‘Safari’ browser icon. This will end up opening a browser where you can search for the popular videos saving website ‘savefromnet’. Now just tap on the ‘’ that appears. This is the 1st step to save videos to iPhone.

  • Get the Link of Video to be Saved in Your iPhone:

You require getting the link of the video that you intend to save in your iPhone. It is advisable to open the YouTube app on your Phone and get the link from there. Browse your favourite videos and let them play. You need to wait until the advertisements on the video are over. Tap on the video to get additional options and select the share option. You will find the link easily here. Now copy the desired link by one tap over the ‘Copy Link’ option.

Now go back to Documents 5 app and just tap once to select it. A small area will appear where you need to paste the link. You will require tapping it once more for pasting options. Go ahead and paste the video link that you copied from YouTube.

  • Select Resolution of the Video that You are Downloading-

Once the link is pasted you will see a green tick on the side. Just tap it once and you will find many saving options of different resolutions of your desired videos. Choose the resolution in which you want to download your video. In case you want to rename your desired video, you can do so at this point. All you need to do is to tap on the green video link and type the desired name for your video.

  • Click on Final Done to Download Your Video:

After you’ve christened your video, click on the ‘Done’ option. This will automatically start your downloading. And you can expect the video to be saved in your iPhone depending upon your internet connection and speed. If you are on a data pack, this might cost you a much more than your usual monthly bill. So you look for wifi options.

  • Save Your Video to iPhone:

Once the video has successfully downloaded, you might want to change the location of the video to a folder of your choice. By default all your downloaded videos will be shown in the Documents 5 application. If you want to move it to the Camera roll, you need to do a little more. This won’t require getting up of course. Just hold the tap on your video for a few seconds until you see the list of folders as options. You need to keep holding it till the point you see your photos folder and then the awaited camera roll. You can now simply head to the photos app and watch your video in your iPhone. Mission accomplished at last! So by following above given steps, you may save videos to iPhone.

If you want to get out of this hassled process you need to have a PC. If you have a PC then it will be a bit easier for you. You need to download the YouTube Converter. For that just head to the YouTube Converter’s site and download the version that suits you the best.

Now install the software on your Mac OS and launch it. You will see a dialog box appear that asks for your e-mail id and an activation key. Enter your e-mail id and you will receive the key through mail. Enter it in the required asked place and the software will unlock. What you need now is to connect you iPhone to your PC and tick the trust option if required.

Steps to Save Videos to iPhone, Save YouTube Videos to iPhone

Just head to a web browser now and paste the link of your desired video. This will automatically appear in the converter. Same as before select the video quality and click on the Convert and Transfer to iPhone option. You can transfer even a playlist by this method. You can check your iPhone’s video app for the saved videos by this method. Though this might take a little time, it is a more convenient method.

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Download Videos to Your iPhone

Here we have updated how to save videos to iPhone. If you know any other way, then please share with us. Share this “Download YouTube Videos to iPhone” post with your friends. Stay connected with us to know about latest gadgets.