How to Reset iPhone – Reset Your iPhone Using iTunes

How to Reset iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6s

How to Reset Your iPhone (4s, 5s, 5c, 6, 6s, etc.) Using iTunes: Are you searching for methods to reset your iPhone? if yes, then you are on the perfect webpage. Here, you can get all the steps of how to reset iPhone. Though, doing a reset of your iPhone may not sound perfect — it basically wipes your phone of any personal settings and data you’ve gained as the years progressed — it’s sometimes vital while doing troubleshoots in the device for software follies or while holding your private data is absolutely important.

Steps to Reset Your iPhone / iPad

How to Reset Your iPhone Using iTunes

In any case, resetting any iPhone to its organic factory settings is a straightforward procedure that requires some more than your phone and few minutes of your time. Once finished, you’ll rapidly see that the greater part of your phone’s information and ingredients— music, contacts, photographs, etc.– have naturally been erased, accordingly protecting your own data and keeping it from falling into the wrong hands if you share your device.

How to Reset iPhone?

How to Reset iPhone 4s, 5s, 6, 6s
How to Reset iPhone?

Below is our guide on how to reset iPhone to factory Setting, so you can remove the data before sharing your phone. The precise process for doing so may differ little depending on which version of OS your iPhone is running on, but it’s importantly the same regardless if you’re doing a factory reset utilizing iTunes. Further that, feel free to get the same directions when doing a factory reset on any of your iOS devices.

How to Reset Your iPhone Using iTunes?

How to Reset iPhone using itunes
How to Reset Your iPhone Using iTunes?

Step 1: Prepare your iPhone for restoration

Click the iTunes menu situated on the left half of the primary iTunes toolbar, choose Check for Updates from the subsequent drop-down menu, and make sure that you have the freshest adaptation of iTunes. If not, download and introduce the most recent form thereof. A short time later, connect your iPhone to your PC by means of USB and click on the grey Back Up Now catch when seeing the Summary tab for your given gadget in iTunes. In spite of the fact that backing up phone is a bit much, doing as such will store your photographs, applications, contacts, settings, and other information so you can consequently reestablish different iOS devices starting from the backup down the line.

If you’re running on iPhone 4S or a newer version, you might also want to deactivate Find My iPhone. To do that,  click the main Settings icon when opening the home screen, choose iCloud, and click  Find My iPhone. Then, toggle the slider at the top to deactivate the feature if you haven’t done that beforehand.

Step 2: Restore your iPhone

Once the backup is done, choose the gray Restore iPhone option when getting the Summary tab for your phone. Choose the Restore option in the resulting pop-up window to confirm the decision, and if prompted, click on Agree to confirm the software license agreement and start downloading the important iOS software file before restoring the data.

Step 3: Ensure the phone was restored

The moment the restoration procedure is completed — a procedure which may take up to few minutes — make sure your phone has been restored to its original factory settings. If completed correctly, you will once again be presented with the iOS Setup Assistant on startup, from which you can restore your phone from a backup or continue with the process as if you were setting it up afresh.

How to Reset All Setting on iPhone

Follow above steps for “how to reset your iPhone” query and also help your family members and friends if they face the same dilemma. Here, you can get full steps to reset your iPhone setting by using iTune or without iTunes. Let us know, how much helpful our tutorial was for you.