How To Delete Apps From iCloud ? Folow Some Simple Steps To Remove Apps From iCloud

How To Delete Apps From iCloud

How To Remove Apps From iCloud – An Effortless Process: You backup many devices to iCloud or you just have got ample of photos and videos, which results in a shortage of space and ultimately issues in forming backups. How to Delete apps from icloud is probably one of the most commonly asked queries by our friends and family around on a regular note.

Steps to Delete and Clear Apps From iCloud

How to Remove Apps From iCloud in App Store?

How To remove Apps From iCloud
How to Delete Apps from iCloud Storage

Apart from deleting older iMessages and putting your pictures and videos to your laptop, you can also go for deleting apps option. You can conveniently remove accumulated data by apps in iCloud through the Documents and Data section. Also, you can delete apps from iCloud which are of no prominent use to you or you may not even use those apps.

How to Get Extra iCloud Storage by Removing Old App Data?

How to Delete Apps from iCloud
How to Remove Apps From iCloud & Get Extra Storage
  • Get the Settings app installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Choose iCloud Option
  • Choose the option Storage and Backup
  • Choose Manage Storage option
  • Under the option Documents and Data, select an app which you would like to remove the data for. 
  • Click on Edit option at the top
  • Click on the Delete button on the left of the file you wish to remove.
  • Click on the Delete button on the right hand side that comes.
  • Confirm the deletion process.
  • Apart from this option, if you wish to remove all files available for a specific app, move all the way down and choose Delete All option.
  • Confirm the deletion process and you are done!

That’s all it takes to complete the process. Many times, these apps store huge data in iCloud, resulting in huge amounts of storage being occupied and turning into a big pain. This especially happens when we use and download ample of apps. If there are older versions occupying storage in your device, simply delete them to release some extra storing space. While downloading and installing apps, a few MBs may not seem a big deal but ultimately they contribute in holding up big space in your device. Removing these less prioritized and less useful apps can grant you freed up storage.

How to Delete Apps from iCloud on iPhone and iPad ?

The steps are worth giving a try and probably an answer to too many questionable looks probably asking, how to Remove apps from iCloud in iPhone/iPad, whenever we run out of space. Above we have mentioned all the necessary steps which we help you to Delete and clear Apps from iCloud storages. Mention your comments below and let us know how much this worked for you.