How to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads in Chrome, Firefox – Follow Steps to Get Rid of Unwanted Pop-Ups

Get Rid of Pop UP Ads

How to get Rid of unwanted pop-ups: It is safe to say that you are getting pop-ups each time you open a window? Pop-ups can make browsing a real task, particularly when they would prefer not to close. You can battle back against pop-ups by ensuring you have your browser arranged effectively, having the most recent version, or notwithstanding changing to another one. While battling up with questions like, “how to get rid of pop up ads,” you can go through below steps.

How to Remove Pop UP Ads

How to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads in Chrome and Firefox

how to get rid of pop up ads in Chrome and Firefox
How to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads in Chrome and Firefox?

1.) Regularly check for updates: Keeping your browser updated will help you a long way in the fight against those unwanted pop-ups. 

  • Firefox – Click  on the Firefox option in the upper-left side. Select About Firefox. This will give you a window showing your Firefox version detail.
  • Chrome – Click on the menu button in the upper-right side of your Chrome window. Choose About Chrome running down the bottom of the menu. A fresh tab will pop up and Chrome will analyze if the updates are available for you.

2.) Reinstall your web browser, or get a new one: Many times, the pop-up software is merged too thoroughly to eliminate by just updating. In such cases, reinstalling or switching your web browser may help a great deal.

  • Get the latest version downloaded which you wish to use.
  • Remove your current browser.
  • Get the new browser installed. After the old browser has been removed, run the installation file that you downloaded earlier.

3.) POP- Up blocker

Enable pop-up blocker in Firefox: Fortunately, Firefox gives us option for pop-up blocking. If it is inactivated, you can simply reach to the pop-up blocking settings in the menu of Options.

  1. Choose the Firefox button and go for Options.
  2. Choose the Content tab
  3. Look for “Block pop-up windows.”
  4. Choose for Exception option.

Enable pop-up blocker in Chrome: Chrome is one of those fine browsers who block Pop-ups by default, but the option may be inactivated. Follow below steps to enable the option again.

  1. Choose the menu option in the upper-right side and click on Settings.
  2. Choose the “Show advanced settings” link at lower half of the page.
  3. Choose the “Content settings” option in the Privacy portion.
  4. Ensure you the option “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” option there.
  5. Choose the “Manage exceptions” option.

4) Clean-up

  • Run an antivirus: Viruses can get the pop-ups that hover over your browser. To eliminate them, keep your anti-virus running.
  • Uninstall any toolbars: While the installation of other programs, toolbars can also get installed, which can lead to more pop-ups. Go through the toolbar removing guidelines according to your specific type toolbar and get them removed.
  • Run a registry cleaner: This will eliminate any sort of lingering entries in your registry, which may allow pop-ups to come back. Registry cleansers would not eliminate viruses or malware, hence, they must be run after eliminating those with other type of programs. CCleaner is popular type in no-cost registry cleaners.
  • Avoid sites with pop-ups: While surfing you will come across many sites with ample amount of pop up ads. Considering to avoid these sites can be a smart move to avoid the unwanted pop ups.

How to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads in Android and Windows

How to Get Pop up Ads in Android and Windows
How to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads in Android and Windows ?

Follow above steps to Get Rid of Pop UP Ads and let us know how much the tips and steps helped you out. If you are searching for the how to get rid of unwanted pop up ads in Chrome and Firefox browser for Android phone, windows, iphone, etc. then here you can get all the steps from here.