How to Clear Browser History on iPad ? Follow Steps to Delete Your Browser History on iPad


How To Clear Browser History On iPad – Step By Step Tutorial: Are you coming across things you should not see, or simply want to conceal your browsing history from others? Cleaning the browser history is something which every user should know about, especially when you don’t hesitate to share your iPad with others. The process relies so much on what browser you are getting in use. Below is the thorough explanation of how to clear history on iPad.

Steps to Clear Browser History on iPad

Alternative Options to Delete Your Browser History on iPad

How to Clear Browser History on iPad? Follow the Given Steps

How to Clear Browser History on iPad ?
How to Clear Browser History on iPad ?
  • Open the Settings app: You will find it on your iPad’s home screen. Clicking on this app will give you the settings menu.
  • Tap Safari: Move down through the settings list and click on Safari. This will give you a list of Safari option in the right side.
  • Clear your browsing history: You may remove the browsing history by clicking on “Clear History” option, after which you will be asked to give confirmation to delete all the entries. Go through your data once, as this cannot be undone. If the button is not there to click upon, then there is no any history to remove. You might be using an alternate browser for surfing purpose, e.g. Chrome. For that reference, you will have to check to our next section.
  • Delete your cookies: You can simply remove the cookies that websites have put on your device and some other caching data by clicking on the “Clear Cookies and Data” button placed directly behind the “Clear History” option. Again, it will ask you to confirm if you wish to delete those items and you just have to give the confirmation.
  • Browse privately in the future: If you find it bit arduous to delete the browser history each time, then you can also go for the private window. While using the private window, Safari will not keep any browser history and you are saved from the repeated task. To start using it, you simply need to click the + icon displayed in the toolbar of Safari to open a new tab. Scroll down and you will find a “Private” button. Click on that to get started.

How to Delete Browser History on iPad ? Some Alternative Options

How to Delete Browser History on iPad ?
How to Delete Browser History on iPad ?
  • Open the Chrome browser: You will require removing all the browsing history from within the chrome browser history from inside the chrome browser, in place of via the Settings app. Simply click the Chrome icon on your Home Screen for launching the app.
  • Choose the Menu (☰) option: Usually, the button is placed in the upper-right portion of the screen. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Click on the “Privacy” option: You will find this option in the Advanced section of the Settings menu. This will let you remove numerous amount of data related to your browsing.
  • Delete your history: Choose the “Clear Browsing History” option to delete your entire browsing history in the Chrome browser. You will have to confirm the decision then and you are done!
  • Delete other browsing data: You can also choose to delete the cookies, site data and cache by simply choosing the correct Clear options in the menu. You can remove entire thing at one go by clicking on “Clear All”.
  • Browse privately in the future: Again, to avoid the repetition of clearing the browser history, you may go for a safe alternative of using the incognito mode or private window. You can simply start this by clicking on Menu() button and choosing “New Incognito Tab”.

How to Remove Browser History on iPad ?

How to Remove Browser History on iPad ?
How to Remove Browser History on iPad ?

Above some steps which clear answer to your query, “how to clear browser history on iPad.” All the Given steps and alternative options will help to remove and delete your browser history on iPad. Simply, follow these steps for safe browsing and let us know how these steps helped you, by commenting on the comment box below.