How to Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N, Drag & Drop, Swipe Up, Press & Hold App Switch Button

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Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N: Android N, which is the part of upcoming software update, is now offering you to work on two screens of your smartphone. Here we are not talking that your smartphone must have two screens, actually we are talking about a special method, by using that you can work on two different apps of your smartphone, at once. This special feature is – Split Screen Multitasking.


  • For now, Android N is a Beta Software and if any changes are made in method after public release officially, we’d surely update you.
  • For activating split screen multitasking feature, both the apps must have compatibility with this software update.

How to Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N

Split Screen Activating Methods –

  1. Drag & Drop

Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N

Press on the App switcher icon on your smartphone screen. Multi tasking window would open, now tap and hold any of the app on which you want to work and drag it to the top of the phone screen. This app will automatically occupy top half screen of your smartphone and remaining half screen would still show app switching screen.

Now you have to choose the second app for working on bottom half screen of smartphone. Apply the same above Drag and Drop method for this and select app for bottom screen.

Congratulations…now you have two apps on the same screen of your smartphone to work on both of them.

  1. Swipe Up

How to Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N

Go to Setting Option in smartphone and activate System UI Tuner. To add System UI Tuner in your Setting options, press and hold the Setting icon, until it starts spinning. Now go to System UI Tuner in Settings, then click on Other option and activate ‘Split-Screen Swipe-up Gesture’.

Now from App Switching Button, swipe up any app and split screen mode will be automatically launched.

  1. Press & Hold App Switching Button

Press & Hold App Switching Button

Simply just press and hold the App Switching icon (Square one) for a few seconds and it’ll work.

Smartphone Split Screen Mode: Some Interesting Facts


  • By default each app would take the exact half portion of screen but you can adjust it by touching, holding and moving the middle split.
  • Split Screen works for both landscape and portrait mode. In landscape mode, apps take place side by side instead of up to down.
  • App Switching icon changes automatically once you activate split screen mode.
  • If you want to launch another app instead of previous one, use home button (the center one)  and launch the app by any of the above method. It’ll be launched as secondary app.

Cancel Split Screen Mode: Methods

adjust split

  • Press and hold split screen app-switching icon.
  • Drag app-splitter until it reaches to the right at top or bottom of the screen, and finally would show only one screen.

This is for large screens specially tablets and large screen smartphones. For Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Nexus 6 phone or Nexus 9 tablet factory images are available. Visit and sign up to join Android N Beta software update.


  • Advantages of having Split screen Mode
  • Work on two different apps at once.
  • Save time while copy paste any useful information.
  • Log in on two social networking sites at the same time etc.

Activate Multi Window Split Screen on Android N

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Above we have given the Android N Quick tips which help you to active Multi Window Split Screen on Android N. The special feature is – Split Screen Multitasking.