How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone, Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

record Phone calls on iPhone

Record Phone Calls on iPhone: The calling experience in an iPhone might be considered better by some people. After all it comes at a cost. But what if you want to retain the similar experience after the call? What I mean to say is that you want to save the conversations over the call for a later hear-do. Here we have came with Top 4 best apps for iPhone to record calls. So please have a look at below.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone, Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

So was there a customer service guy jerking around with you. And all you needed as a proof was a proof of your conversation over your phone. While in Android phones it is simply a tap on the phone, it isn’t that easy for iPhone users. They have to download call recorder apps for iPhone. And if there is something of need, there will be many apps to facilitate that in the market. So is it in this case. There are many apps available that claim of providing excellent voice quality recording experience, but only a few of them deliver their word. So, if someone is troubling you on the call, or it is a simple memorable conversation that you would like to hear over and over again, then you must consider the easiest yet effective ways to record a call. So follow below mentioned steps to record iPhone calls.

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It might also happen that you played one of your best pranks on your dear ones and would like to go back to them sometime in future. Even your dear ones would like to go back the memory lane and listen to their responses over your call. That’s also the case with Radio Jockeys. If you are into such a crazy act and have an iPhone, then you might want to record the call and keep it safe with yourself. Or in the case of an RJ, you might want the entire city you live in to hear your prank. To accomplish all this you definitely need to record call in your iPhone.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone, Apps to Record iPhone Calls

  • Record a Call on iPhone with NoNotes


It is one of the finest apps for call recording on an iPhone. All that is required is to download the app in your iPhone and sign up for it. It provides free voice call recording for 20 minutes every month after the signup process is complete. You just sign up to a new NoNotes account and there you go recording ready. However, if you cross your monthly limit, then you will have to purchase minutes from NoNotes. The app provides for a variety of attractive purchase options. If you want to buy on a minute to minute basis, then NoNotes charges 25 cents for each extra minute. You may also consider buying minutes collectively. How about 100 minutes for $10? Seems quite reasonable to me. The best quality of NoNotes is that it offers low cost transcription services in case you want o record interviews. It stores last 10 of your call recordings with itself, in case you want to go to the archives and hear the old conversations again. NoNotes is one of the popular and best call recorder apps for iPhone.

  • Cheapest Recording with Intcall

Cheapest Recording with Intcall

If you are up to recording many calls then Intcall is the best option for you. But make sure you check plans for your country before buying. Call recording can be purchased minute wise, with plans starting ranging from $5, $10, $20 or more. It is one of the cheapest options available. Through Intcall you can buy minutes for as less as 5 cents, but the plan does depend on your country. It has one major downfall. It requires a wifi network to function, because it works through the VOIP line. So install Intcall and record iPhone Calls from now.

  • Bulk Record Your Conversations with ‘Tape a Call Pro

Tape a Call Pro

If you need to record your conversations frequently, and don’t mind spending some bucks for a quality and effective app, then ‘Tape a call pro’ is the one for you. The burden on your pockets will be as less as $10. And with this small payment, you can enjoy unlimited conversation recording on an iPhone. You won’t even have to worry about which place or when are you calling. If you are making an outgoing call then all you need is to do is to open the app, then hit the record button and dial up. Your call will be recorded automatically and later be merged. For an incoming call, once you receive it, you need to place the caller on hold for a few seconds and meanwhile open the app and hit the record option. While other apps might let the caller know that the call is being recorded, this app doesn’t let that happen. The other party would know nothing about the recording of the conversation. Once you finish recording the stored conversations can be directly accessed from files in your phone. ‘Tape a Call Pro’ is also a good way to record phone calls on iPhone.

  • External Recording Devices

One of the options is to own an external call recording device to record conversations on an iPhone. The device will perfectly fit into your iPhone 3.55 mm jack and record as many calls as you would want from it. They are reliable and store the recordings, but all this comes at a price. They easily record both of your incoming and outgoing calls without doing many efforts. And you will have lots of hours of saved call recordings with them. External call recording devices such as Esonic Cell Phone Call Recorder, the Forus FSV-U2, and the RecorderGear PR200 are available in the market. Though they are available at a price around $80, if you are lucky you might a couple of deals around them on carious e-commerce websites.

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Best Apps for iPhone to Record Phone Calls

So, I’m sure with many wonderful apps you have been able to differentiate between what will be good for you and provide you with the maximum satisfaction from those who just claim to record iPhone calls and actually have hidden costs or bad quality. It is advised to choose wisely according to one’s need and not rush to any hyped call recording tool. For your assistance we have updated steps to record phone calls on iPhone. If you have any suggestion regarding best call recorder apps then please share it with us. Just go ahead and make a good choice.