7 Hidden Features of IOS, iPhone Tricks You don’t Know

Hidden Features of IOS

Hidden Features of IOS: Apple is a tech oligarch, leading the smartphone market since the time it launched iOS. Every time a new version of this OS is launched, all possible competitors succumb to its maintained status among customers and the ease of technology it manages to bring. Since past, Apple has added many new features such as Siri is able to work with apps or an app for messages etc. But, that is not all with this incredible OS. Here we have updated hidden tricks of IOS, so have a look below.

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The latest version iOS 10 is few days old and is on the ladder of massive recognition and luminary. You must have gone through the coolest features of the new version but there are still some of them waiting to be deciphered. So here, we have come up with those hidden features of iOS which are still behind veils.

Best Hidden Features of IOS, IOS 10 Secret Features

7 Hidden Features of IOS, iPhone Tricks You don't Know

  1. Access your camera from lock screen itself

Now, go with your adventurous flair and whenever you feel like shooting a moving object, just don’t wait to unlock the screen. Because you can open your camera from lock screen itself, keep your phone handy while you are on your flea market trip in a new city or during your roadside wandering observing the place and people.

  1. Albums added to Apple music are available for auto-download

Why go through a ludicrous process of adding and downloading any new song or album after clicking on “+” icon? Manual downloading is just too much heavy that many a times there is lot of dilatory and we end up missing the some of the great tracks.

Simply follow these steps to switch on auto-download option:

  • Enable the feature of auto downloading by opening Settings>>Music>>Downloads and slide the switch in front of Automatic downloads.
  • Simply choose “+Add” button for auto downloading the tracks.
  1. Let the other person enjoy your handwritten notes

If you haven’t noticed the small squiggly scribble at the bottom side of keyboard, do it now! And if you can’t find it yet, turn your phone into landscape mode during the time you are messaging. By clicking on that, you will able to send doodles and notes in your own handwriting (no matter how hard that is to understand!). This is one of the best IOS tricks.

  1. Shut all tabs down simultaneously

Yes, you can open as many tabs as you want in Safari, but not only this, also you can close them all together. For a tab. simply, a longer press on the Tab view button and choose Close X tabs.

If you are on iPhone, go to Tab view and choose done>> Close X tabs.

  1. Pay your time only to unread emails

Inside the mail app, move yourself towards lower left corner of the screen and it will give you an icon. Click on it and it will give you a complete list of unread messages. To get the whole view again, simply click on it for the 2nd time.

  1. Search photos of only your choice

Advanced iOS gives you a more forwarded approach towards all things you do in your phone. It not only saves your time but you only see and show what you prefer. Searching photos is one of those amazing features. Simply type the name or thing or anything which is there in photo and it will show only those clicks. For example, you need pictures of your birthday bash, so type that! A mini search engine for your own photo world, just type the correct keyword! It is also capable of granular searches.

  1. Remember your car parking spot

For this, your car should be equipped with CarPlay, which is an advanced Bluetooth system. Hence, the moment you step out of your car and turn it off, your phone will show you the alert. Also, this location and alert will be there on Apple maps and you can also add extra details for convenience.Remember your car parking spot is an example of best secret features of IOS 10.

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Best Hidden Features in IOS 10

Best Hidden Features in IOS 10

With these impressive, not so well-known or hidden features of iOS you are going to feel even more love for your phone. It shows that, it’s not just about the aristocracy because of which people strive to choose iPhone but also its coolest features coming with it. For your opinions and comments, please write below in comment box.