Top 10 Hidden Android Phones Features, Useful Tips & Tricks

Hidden Android Phones Features

Hidden Android Phones Features: We have to agree upon the fact that, Android OS is most commonly used around the world. The OS is very powerful yet very flexible. The kind of resilience it offers is incomparable to any other operating systems available out there. But there is more to this amazing OS than just its performance. Many regular and long term users will be amazed to know some of the Hidden Android Features. Just when you thought, you know your phone completely, we have come up with some surprises for you.

Top 10 Hidden Android Phones Features, Secrets of Android Smartphone

Top 10 Hidden Android Phones Features


  1. Check all Applications Which You have Installed in Your Phone till Date

So, your Android phone works with your Gmail id and that’s a good thing! Because, with this, you can check all the applications which you have downloaded in your phone.
Following are steps to perform the process:

  • Click on the three horizontal line displayed on the Google search bar inside the Play store.
  • At that place you will see “My apps” option below “Apps and games” area. Just click on it to see.
    Also, you can get “My purchases” from the Play store which shows details of your paid apps. But above option gives you details with some simple steps.
  1. Get Your Deleted Applications Back

We can hardly pay much attention to our phones with our busy routines and out of this, many a times we end up deleting some important notifications. So, now instead of playing pity game, you can simply get them back with below steps:

  • Long-press on any empty space on the home screen of your phone and choose widgets.
  • There you will find settings widget the moment you will swipe left and drop it on home screen.
  • The settings shortcut will then open a menu from which you can select the Notification option.
  • Simply by clicking on it will give you a Notification option shortcut. It will show on the homescreen. You can simply click on it to check notifications.

This is one of Best Hidden Android Phones Features because by using this you can get your deleted apps back

  1. Your Phone will Unlock itself at your Chosen Trusted Places:

So, you will never like your personal data and information getting leaked and someone else peeping in your confidential details. But, every time putting that unlock code even at the places where your personal data is not so threatened, can be quite annoying. Thus, the “Smart lock feature”, comes into existence. So, with this, when you visit to some obvious places which will not reveal any of your personal data, the screen will unlock itself.

Follow below steps to execute this feature:

  • Choose security option in settings menu.
  • There you will see “smart lock” option. You simply need to click on it and choose “Trusted Places”. With this you don’t have to unlock screen with scrawling your finger on screen.

The feature relies on GPS sensor in order to set up a trusted location. Use this Hidden Android Phones Features and make your confidential data safe.

4. Search for Your Smartphone Even in “Silent” Mode.

So, you can’t find your phone because it is on silent mode and now you think there is no chance you will get it back. But, here is a solution to this recurrent problem with “Android device manager.” Not only, finding your phone, has it also helps in erasing data and locking your Android phone. Below are the steps in order to activate the function:

  • With the help of a browser, open Android device manager and type there, “Find my phone.”
  • There you will have to sign in from your Google id, the same one with which you are signed in on your phone.
  • You will get three options there, ring, lock and erase. Select one according to your preference.

Hidden Android Features

  1. How to Restrict Calls and Text

If you are using Android 5.0 Lollipop or an upper version, you can choose to bar calls or texts from your selected contacts.

Below are the steps to be followed:

  • Move to “sound and notification” in settings option and scroll to “interruptions.”
  • There you get option of “calls/texts from.”
  • Choose the contacts of your choice from where you wish to receive calls and texts.

6. Keep Your Screen Recording

Basically, screen recording is just an MP4 video file of recording of your screen. It shows you what is happening in your phone at the time of capture. From past many years, users are much inclined towards rooting of their devices. This is demanded to get reach to more advanced features of the phone. But with timely improvements in the OS, there is very less need of rooting, and one of the best reason is availability of screen recording.

Although there is no dwelling tool for this features, but you will find hundreds of apps available with play store. One of them is Rec. So record your screen by using this one of the best hidden features of android Smartphone.

  1. Set Your Priority on Notifications

Android 5.0 Lollipop allows you to customize your notifications. The feature control on what you choose to appear on your lock screen. So, only those apps will nudge you, which you allow for. But, the feature is as tricky to set as awesome.

On most phones you will get the two options for notification mode, either on or off for all. But priority mode will allow you to choose the apps. In the settings of “Sound and notification,” you can easily edit what apps have priority option. There are three interruption modes, you can switch between them with the help of volume button. Simply choose None, Priority or All indicators.

  1. Instead of Just Monitoring, Also Try Controlling your Data Usage

Of course, we want to save precious data from reckless usage. Android gives you luxury to show some frugality with your internet data! You need to select settings option from the Data Usage option. Sometimes you may have to gauge it out from the “More” option. On the usage chart you can simply use the sliders to set limits for your data, within your current bill cycle. From now control your data usage with the help of this one of the 10 Hidden Android Phones Features.

  1. Bring Wi-Fi in Use for Your Quick File Transfers

Android BEAM has brought exciting possibilities for you. You can easily transfer files among two NFC supporting devices. However, the supported files are limited and also the transfer speed is controlled under Bluetooth bandwidth. Many android devices are also enabled with Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct makes straight connection between the two devices through Wi-Fi. There is app available for it in Google Play store. One of the most helpful is SuperBeam and supportive. You simply need to transfer files to Super Beam and tap two phones together. You can transfer several files in one go and the transfer rate will also up to 30 Mbps. It works wonderful for huge images and videos. So from now it will be easy for you to transfer video, images and other files using above mentioned hidden tricks of Android phones.

  1. Use Voice Search without Removing Screen Lock

The upgrade version has voice search option on the lock screen. Simply click on the microphone icon and ask the Android to search something or write down a message or just make a call to a friend.

So, above we discussed some cool Hidden Android Phones Features. They are simply amazing to miss. Sometimes, knowing our phones better serve us most in some stuck times. So read Hidden Android Tips & Tricks here and mention your views, you can do it by using comment box.