Google Might Soon Put a Computer Into Human Eyes, Google Eyeball, Google Patents Eyeball Device


Google Eyeballs: Science make human’s daily life easy. Google, one of the most reputed companies in the world has decided to improve human eye vision by injecting a device into eye. Its sounds like forget smart contacts – Google wants to be in your eyes. The gadget describe as an electronic lens, capable of controlling overall optical power of the device. This device has to be inserted into human eyeballs. The inserting of Google Eyeball device into eye will improve the vision power of eye.

Google Might Soon Put a Computer Into Human Eyeballs with Google Eyeball

Google Eyeball
Google Might Soon Put a Computer Into Human Eyeballs with Google Eyeball

The technology experiment of Google is to relief, human lens and make human free of spectacles. It filed the patent to make a correction of eye vision. The designing of this device will be helpful in focusing of light onto the retina which will result in improving the vision of eye. It will contain its own storage, radio while the power will be given wirelessly by an antenna.

The lens of Google will work with the fluid. After surgical removing of lens from person’s eye, a fluid will be injected in that place. This will be acting like glue and keeps attachment an “intra-ocular device” to the lens capsule. The function of fluid will be to produce a coupling between the lens capsule and the device. This would be to correct vision of a person.

Google Eyeball Device

Google Might Soon Put a Computer Into Human Eyeballs
Google Patents Computer That You Inject Into Your Eyeball

This new contact lens from Google will be a new revolution in today’s technology. Google was earlier awarded a patent for a smart contact lens running on the solar power, capable for measuring glucose level of a body.

The procedure of injecting a google device into eyeballs will be an excitement in today’s technology era. Let’s see the technology changes bring by Google how much prove to be beneficial. Tell us what do you think about Google Eyeballs in the comment section below.