Google Lets Users Tap Mobile Apps Without Downloading Them


We all have experienced times while using our smartphones when we need to get a work done or check some information as small as horoscopes and we need to first download an app for doing so though we will be requiring that app for that particular moment and in doing so we waste some MBs of data, space on our smartphones and some precious time. But now the Mountain View company Google is all set to change this, soon you will be able to use an app without downloading it.  

The tech giant Google, in an attempt to extend its search and advertising reach on smartphones, on Wednesday unveiled a new technology that will enable the users to search inside an app and even use the apps without having to download them.

Google Lets Users Tap Mobile Apps Without Downloading Them


Let see how this new technology works – Let’s say you searched Google for ‘a cheap hotel in San Fransisco’ (PS: you have to search on the Google app on a smartphone, which runs the Android OS), the results will show the results normally from the Web, but the change will be that the results will also include information from various apps like ‘Hotel Tonight’, the American hotel booking app. Then if you click on a tab, it will open the Hotel Tonight app so you can check the details and also run the app even if you don’t have the app installed on your smartphone.

This new tech might come as a great relief to people who hate installing an app for one particular task and then the app lies on the smartphone without any specific usage. To get this thing done Google streams a video to your smartphone using the Internet and during this time the app runs many miles away in a computer.

This is just the early stage of this technology and Google can do this using only 9 apps in total right now: Hotel Tonight, New York Subway, Weather, My Horoscope, Visual Anatomy Free, Daily Horoscope, Useful Knots, Gormley and Chimani.

Yes, you have some hurdles too in using this feature first, to do so you must have an internet connection and that too a fast internet connection or you will not like the time the app takes to load this way it is because of this reason that this will be a WiFi only feature.

This new feature on the Google search is made possible thanks to a technology that it acquired last year from a startup company named Agawi. The apps that you runs by this method will have this banner running at the bottom – “App streamed by Google.”

Google also announced that this new feature will eventually make its way to the Apple iPhones too but they did not commit on a specific date when.