Google Launches Cardboard Camera App For 3D VR Images


Google Launches Cardboard Camera App For 3D VR Images: World’s largest search engine Google has launched a new android app for the cardboard. The app is known by cardboard camera enable users to create 360 degrees panoramic photos in virtual reality.  The app is available on Google play store for Android users. So get cardboard camera app now and try to get a 3D photo or video through your smartphone.

Google Cardboard App

Users will have to move on 360 degree in a circle to click a panoramic photo. It will also record audio and the images when seen using the cardboard will appear to be 3D. You just need to open cardboard and select view VR images, they will appear in 3D.    

Google Launches Cardboard Camera App For 3D VR Images:-


According to Google, The VR images are three-dimensional panoramas that creates a different view for each eye. Near things look near and Far things look far. Engineers of Google took 1 year to develop this app.

They concentrated on only one thing that the act of clicking pictures themselves. The image will be clicked in JPEG format that is highly compatible with phones and computers. The file size ranges from 4 to 10 MB.


A limitations of this app is that there is no share button, so you can’t share the VR pictures with your friends. If you want to show them the images then you will have to hand them a google clipboard unit with your phone. So install cardboard camera from google app store and capture the moments that matters alot to you and relive them from anywhere, anytime.    

microsoft is also working on a VR Kit to compete with Google’s cardboard camera. There are possibilities that Microsoft is using the cardboard kit as a means to lower the barrier and encourage VR developer.