Google Allo vs Whatsapp – Which is Better & Should We Use Allo App Instead of Whatsapp

Google Allo vs Whatsapp

Google Allo vs Whatsapp Full Review: There is a lot of new things invented every day in the world of today’s technology. There is always a comparison for new technology and an old one. Here we will focus on Google Allo vs WhatsApp which are two messaging apps. The Google Allo App is the latest one which comes with n new feature and more of the interesting facts than WhatsApp. As we know WhatsApp gained too much popularity as a messaging app, now google also introduce a new app for catching the eyes of everyone. Earlier in the month of May Google had announced Duo and Allo at the I/O. The Duo was launched in the month August and now Allo also rolled out. Check below description to get more about Google Allo and WhatsApp.

Allo vs Whatsapp Comparison

Google Allo vs Whatsapp : How Google Allo different from Whatsapp?

google allo vs whatsapp
Google Allo vs Whatsapp

As this app is newer one so it comes with some advanced features that for the better experience of messaging. There is a lot of the new features available with Google Allo for chatting in a fantastic manner. A user will find an automatic response, recognition of the picture feature and text formatting feature. With all this, a user will get chatting enhancing tool. In Allow, a user will find more sticker packs than that of WhatsApp. The calling feature of WhatsApp is missing in Google Allo App. These features are main points for Google Allo vs WhatsApp.

The Allo allow a user to have an incognito window where users can have options to choose this window. Although WhatsApp also provided end to end encryption feature. But in incognito feature, the chat history will be deleted as soon as the user terminates the chatting. The app also provides a one of the interesting feature of providing all the details about the flight, discount in hotel and best restaurants, which is one of the best Allo App Feature to be noted. This is all about Whatsapp vs Google Appo app.

Some Goole Allo App Features is as follow:

whatsapp vs allo
Google Allo Features

Automatic Responses: On behalf the user, it can send reply in an automatic way with the help of software that contains machine-learning technology. This will enhance the chatting.

Picture Recognition: In this, a user will receive a picture and app will suggest for automatic response.

Text formating: With this, a user can either increase or decrease the text size. This is done by sliding the by send button up and down.

Whatsapp vs Allo: How Google Allo is similar to Whatsapp?

allo vs whatsapp comparison
Whatsapp vs Allo

Where there is a lot of difference between two apps, on the other hand, there are some of the points that are similar in both. Whatsapp and Google Allo is similar in some aspects. Likewise in Whatsapp, Allo also required one of the mobile numbers for the activation. In Allo also user can create a group for the group chatting that gives resemblance to that of WhatsApp messenger.

Google Allo vs Whatsapp : Which is Best for Use

After looking on Google Allo vs Whatsapp, now we can conclude in the final words that Google Allo is better than Whatsapp. This new app is having more features and make it more compatible with everyone. The latest features of this app make it more user-friendly and everyone would like to access this. To know more about the WhatsApp vs Allo app review, comment us. For the latest information, just keep a touch with us.