Essential 360-Degree Camera Price, Images, Specification – World’s Smallest 360 Camera By Father Of Android

andy rubin essential 360 degree camera

One great new product comes in the market of Technology. The Android creator Andy Rubin has finally unveiled the Essential 360-Degree Camera. Rubin unveiled the world’s smallest 360-degree camera that’s made to connect to the Essential phone. It has less than three inches long and weighs less than half a pound. The camera automatically rotates by touching the screen. The first one unveiled being by the company is a 360-degree camera that for now is just being called as ‘360 cameras’, and can be hooked up to the back of any smartphone. The company, on the other hand, launched its much awaited high-end smartphone named as Andy Rubin essential Smartphone.

andy rubin essential 360 degree camera

In contrast, an ideal Essential 360-Degree camera captures light from all directions falling onto the focal point, covering a full sphere. In practice, however, most Andy Rubin 360 cameras cover only almost the full sphere and many cameras which are referred to as omnidirectional cover only approximately a hemisphere.

essential 360 degree camera

The company is only shipping the smartphone and accessory in the US with no word on when they will launch outside. Andy Rubin Essential Smartphone can be ordered through the company’s online store.There are even four microphones for audio capture, and two accessory power pins help keep the camera powered while it’s clipped into the rear of the Essential Phone.

andy rubin essential 360 smartphone camera

Essential is betting on its 360 cameras as a differentiator to the usual Android phones on the market, and the company’s head of optics and imaging. The mysterious bump could be anything, but our best guess is that it’s some sort of 360-degree camera attachment that sort of thing could snap off if it were permanent for shooting surround images and video. It could be very useful for augmented or virtual reality applications.

essential 360 degree camera price

Essential’s first accessory is a tiny 360 camera that clips to the rear of the Essential Phone. It’s less than 35 grams in weight and includes dual 12-megapixel fisheye sensors that can capture 4K 360 videos at 30fps.The Andy 360 camera can be bought along with the Essential Phone for an additional Amount of $50 or can be purchased separately which will cost you $199. Overall, the Essential 360-degree camera price is set to be fit in the domain to leverage the amazing experience.