How to Download Pictures from iPhone to PC, Steps to Transfer Photos in Computer

transfer photos from iphone to computer

Download Pictures from iPhone to PC: Having an iPhone doesn’t mean that you will not require anything else. The iPhone has its perks no doubt, but it also requires you to know about its slightly different Operating system. iPhone users are somewhat restricted in exchanging data from the non-iPhone users. Though, an iPhone is available in sufficient memory models like 32GB, 64 and even 126 GB, still it might happen that you run out of space. Or you just want to transfer all your media files to your laptop as a back-up. Even if none of the above cases imply to you, it might happen that you simply want to change your laptop’s desktop wallpaper. Read below given simple steps to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

Well whatever might be the case, the point is that if you are an iPhone user you might sometime get stuck with downloading pictures from your iPhone to PC. In that case just take a stroll below and all your questions will be answered. There will be many options available, some will require just plugging your phone, while others will require an extra application or tool to be downloaded or installed in your computer. It depends on you to choose whichever method suits you the best. You can save you time by choosing the easiest methods that take the least time or just select the one that you trust. All the options are available in front of you, just go ahead and get your data transferred from you iPhone.

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Here are the ways by which any iPhone user can easily download pictures from iPhone to PC-

Steps to Download Pictures from iPhone to PC, Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows

How to Download Pictures from iPhone to PC, Steps to Transfer Photos in Computer

  • Move your Photographs from iPhone to PC using Windows Explorer:

All that you require is a USB cable, you iPhone and the PC in which you want to transfer the data. This is considered as one of the easiest ways to do the task. Your computer analyses the plugged iPhone as a digital camera or a file system. So you are advised to unlock your iPhone before you plug it in the PC with the help of the USB cable. Once this has been done, open the Windows explorer and look for the external drive. Or you can also wait for the device to show an auto pop up on the screen and select ‘Open folder to view files’. Now simply browse your pictures and cut/copy them on your local disc.

  • Move Your Photos using iTunes:

There’s yet another way of doing the same thing. You would require you iPhone, iTunes, an iTunes account. Just plug in your iPhone to your personal computer and open iTunes. Once the device has been read, look for the iPhone tab in the iTunes. Under the tab, search for the ‘photos’ option. You would see a box that you require to check it to “Sync Photos”. Now select choose folder from the dropdown menu that will appear. All you photos will be synched to this destination folder. Once this is done, choose the folder from which you want to transfer the pictures. And then patiently wait as they get synched to your new folder on the PC. This method of using itunes as a transfer application may take a longer than usual. It is a slow process and needs time

  • Transfer Photos using icloud:

You can easily use your icloud feature on your iPhone to transfer media files from your iPhone to your PC. You just need to turn on the iclod option by going to the settings tab and turn on Photo Stream. For this you also need to download the icloud control panel in your personal computer. The last thing required would be a wifi. Whenever your wifi is turned on, the pictures will automatically get saved on your personal computer because of the icloud feature. If you are constantly in wifi then the pictures will be saved in real time, which means that they are getting saved the moment you are clicking them. using iCloud is an easy way to download pictures from iPhone to PC.

  • Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC using Dropbox:

For this method you need to download drop box both in your iPhone and your personal computer. Just go the dropbox and look for the uploads tab. Now you will see a + sign. Click on it and select the photos and files that you want to transfer. At the end choose an upload destination and start to upload. Within no time you will get your photos transferred. And as you get to your PC, you will see that the pictures are already waiting in your Dropbox folder in PC.

  • Transferring Pictures made Easy using the iPhone Data Transfer Tool:

One of the tools for data or picture transfer from an iPhone to a PC is the iPhone data transfer tool. It is for all those who do not want to get into any specifications for data transfer. They just want the simplest solution of all. Even though it is a commercial tool, it is one of the best and reliable tools for transferring pictures. You just need to open the iPhone tool in your computer. Plug in your iPhone or your iPad to the personal computer and run the data transfer tool. Click on the Photos option that you can find in the left side of the tool. Now check the iPhone option and click the ’Export to’ option. You can easily choose where to save your photographs on your personal computer now. Once all the required data has been transferred, click on the OK button and everything just gets sorted. The iPhone data transfer tool can also transfer contacts, videos, songs, podcast, TV show, SMS, bookmarks etc, from your iPhone to your computer. The software also comes with any benefits. And moreover, it is value for money as it also has 30 days money back guarantee service and free update. If you wish to convert any iPhone non supported video format to a supportive one, you can do it with video conversion tool. It is a much faster tool than the data transfer through iTunes.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows

if you are a new iPhone user and don’t have idea that how to download pictures from iPhone to PC the read above given steps. These steps will help you to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer in easy way.