Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10, Add Windows 10 Desktop Gadget

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10

The desktop gadgets for windows 10 was the first attraction for us when we got familiar with Windows 10. Many of us appreciated Windows 10, solely because of Windows 10 desktop gadget feature. There we get numerous varieties of gadgets which we can access from desktop itself. With the help of these, you will not have to browse the internet to get some particular information. However, in case of some gadgets, you should be connected to the internet.

We understand your heartbreak story when you first came to know, that Windows will not include desktop gadget in the coming versions of Windows. The explain this as a security measure. Besides some pre-installed gadgets in the computer, there are also numerous types of gadgets out there for us, which are available online. But, what about securing our information from these third party providers? This is undoubtedly a threat.

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10, Install Desktop Gadgets in Windows 10

In order to get those gadget days back in the system, a lot of people attempted to search for gadgets pack, which they can get online. We come across innumerable apps that are ready to make us experience the same kind of gadgets that we want, but many of these are not worth wasting time upon.

But, does upgrading to Windows 10 means not experiencing gadgets in the future? Heck no! Below is the solution:

Windows 10 Desktop Gadget is the solution. This goes with both Windows 8.x and Windows 10 and is capable of working with several languages. These languages can be added in the installation wizard.

The Desktop gadget Revived-2.0 has to be extracted from the downloaded ZIP file before it runs in the PC. Once you install it, you can go back to your good old days of stylish gadgets. These can be accessed with a right click on your desktop and choose Gadgets.

The gadgets gets automatically added to control panel like Control Panel>> Appearance>> Personalization.

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10, Add Windows 10 Desktop Gadget

8GadgetPack is one alternative to above option. The application is free and will assist you in downloading the desktop gadgets for windows 10 feature. So add desktop gadgets in Windows 10 now.

But, if the application is free, that does not mean you will face troubles dealing with the app. You just need to follow below steps:

  1. Ensure that you get the app downloaded from a reliable place.
  2. Allow the application to completely load it.
  3. After completing the download process, choose “install” and follow all the instructions given to you.
  4. You get 45 gadgets to choose from, in the pack
  5. Simply select the gadgets that you wish to put on desktop.

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Windows 10 Desktop Gadgets

After downloading 8 Gadget Pack, you will get chance to download some other gadgets. Just try to choose the gadgets from some trusted sites. Because with wrong downloads, you may end up installing malwares and viruses in your system. Hence, choose whatever pleases you but with little extra care and you will get your desktop gadgets for Windows 10 back. For your personal opinions and comments, write below in the comment box.