How to Create Your Own Website, Make Free Website

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Create Your Own Website: WordPress are in itself free, but a domain name and hosting will cost you a decent amount. You might also get it for free but mainly the cost is around $3 – $5 per month. In this post, you will get to know how to create a website in free. So read this article carefully.

Create Your Own Website, Steps to Make a Website

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A website should be named specifically according to your business. And moreover, it should sound professional too. Quintessentially, the website names can be or yourcomapany’ etc. This would not only attract the users but also gather more popularity for your website. The most popular domain names include, .com, .org or .net. While choosing a domain name these should be preferred to establish a sense of reliability and trust among the audience.

For minimal cost domain names, sites such as can be preferred as they provide you with a wide range of options at affordable costs and maintenance.

Set Up, Design and Go Live

After you’ve brought your domain name well according to your choice, you can easily start building the theme of your website.

The first thing required would be installing your web s=development platform like Wordress, Joomla or any other of your choice.

Once the installation is complete just apply a basic theme to your website. Since you would not prefer to look like everybody else using the same development kit, you may customize your choice. You can simply move things around by viewing all the related attributes on your website in the dashboard. Dashboard is a place where you can actually make changes to the layout and design of your website. There are hundreds of customizable options present. Just pick a design that reflects the qualities of your website well and is appealing to the people.

The websites developed using the easy web development platforms available on the internet are also responsive. Responsive themes mean that they will look good on any platform. Ever opened a website that displays its contents equally well on mobile phones as well as large PCs? Those are responsive sites as they adapt to the running environment.

And if everything is right with the theme, you can easily start working on your pages. Again, using the dashboard all your pages and content can be added and customized according to your choice. According to your needs you can add a comments option for people to respond to your content, social media sharing option or a sidebar.

It is all up to your creativity to design your website and keep making important changes to it to keep it running.

Create Your Website in Free

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And when everything else it sorted out, just hit Launch and there you are website ready! You can easily search your and refer it to all the people you need for the audience. And don’t forget to boast that you built it on your own. So dear friends, here we have updated how to Create Your Own Website in free. So now if you want to make a website, this article would help you.