Best Wireless Mouse 2017, Top 10 Wireless Mice for Computer, Laptop, Mac – Check List with Full Specs

Best Wireless Mouse 2017

Best Wireless Mouse 2017: Our computers tangled in all wires are not today’s thing. Today most of us prefer wireless devices, whether it is a keyboard, charger or even a best wireless mouse. The Mouse is constant moving object while we use our system, so why bring the fuss in with the wires. Hence, often, we search for best wireless mice, within our budget. We get many price variations from $20 to $100. But, we can not rely on a higher price for a great quality. Right?

Best buy Wireless Mouse for Computer and Laptop

Hence, we came up with the idea of suggesting you some best availability in the category of wireless mice considering all the terms like size, cost, and shape. Below is the list of best wireless mice (mouse) in the market for the computer, mac, laptop, gaming, travel, windows 10, etc.

Best Wireless Mouse 2017 List to Buy, Best Wireless Computer Mice

#1 Logitech M570

best wireless mouse 2017
Logitech M570

While we search for some fitting wireless mouse for us, trackballs are the last things, which are taken into consideration by the manufacturers. And Logitech M750 makes a creative exception to this by bringing something amazing to you. It puts the trackball right under your thumb. So, now you don’t have to extend your index finger or middle one to reach the trackball. Also, you will find the size and shape quite accurate according to your hand. This setting gives a free movement to your fingers. It works with Logitech’s Unifying RF receiver.

#2 Handshoe Wireless Mouse

best wireless mice for gaming
Handshoe Wireless Mouse

The design cups your complete hand to reach to easily clickable buttons. Not only this, it provides you the decent choices among three sizes considering both right and left hand users. You will hardly find any other mouse out there in the market offering you such comfort and resilience for your long hour PC usage. The mouse runs on rechargeable battery.

#3 Razor Mamba

best wireless mouse for laptop
Razor Mamba

Not only is the Razer Mamba loaded with a complete easy features package, but it is also little 4 ounces heavier. Of course the Mamba would not like to disappoint its customers. The Razor mamba believes in customization and performs it with a great deal. Not a surprise, if there are two hex screws which are utilized to change the click power on the basis of client demands. Also, the Mamba uses Chroma lighting accents on the sides. Client can choose to go for defaults colour schemes or choose to modify as per their preference.

The lighting accents are in short the battery life indicator. If the battery drops after a certain level, it will streak red and when the mouse is fully charged, it turns green.

It runs with a good battery capacity of 30 hours, which is more than sufficient for most people out there. Also, the wheel is not a regular one and can be “rocked” left or ideal. Though, the feature is a good and advantageous one but not necessarily useful for all users. Considering all things, the users who choose the Mamba for using it for gaming purposes and web surfing, certainly will appreciate portability of mobility.

#4 Logitech Marathon Mouse m705

best wireless mouse for computer
Logitech Marathon Mouse m705

Although the Marathon Mouse m705 is few years older and now Logitech provides much tiny models and usually combined with keyboards for desktop sets. Since the mouse acts as an awesome traveller, it makes an extraordinary laptop companion. It is smaller and lighter than most other options available for desktop mice. The pair of standard AA batteries will last for a decent long time, enough for you to keep going endlessly.

Although, there are many smaller and versatile mice available out there, but still they feel bit awkward and uneasy in some medium-sized hands. The Logitech Marathon Mouse m705 has the Goldilocks “just right” quality and a super quick scrolling wheel. Also, the forward and back browser button along with a multi-tasking button. This is one of the best budget wireless mouse 2017.

#5 Apple Magic Mouse 2

best bluetooth wireless mouse
                                                   Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Wireless Mouse is the advanced iteration of it’s previous version Apple Magic Mouse 2. It is known to be the Best Wireless Mice 2017. It overcomes its drawback of short battery life and comes with rechargeable batteries. It is similar to Apple Magic Mouse regarding design having white polycarbonate arched profile. It is 0.85 inches tall with a difference of 0.1 inches from its previous version. It weighs around 3.52 ounces. It is a multi-touch expensive device. Lightning port can’t be used while charging. We can also adjust the sensitivity and tracking in the mouse preferences on our Mac.

#6 Dell WM123 Wireless Optical Mouse

best buy wireless mouse
   Dell WM123 Wireless Optical Mouse

Dell WM123 Wireless Optical Mice is an affordable mouse also known as the Best Wireless ice 2017 and counted among the best wireless mouse. It provides Wireless connectivity which also reduces cable clutter with a mini USB. It comes with a 1 year extended battery life. Dell WM123 Wireless Optical Mouse is also designed and contoured in such a way to provide comfort to the user. It counts among the Best Wireless Budget Mouse. It is compatible with Windows 8. It does not require much effort to plug-in and can be easily set up.

#7 Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

best ergonomic wireless mouse
                  Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse

Lenovo N100 Wireless Mice is listed in the Best Wireless Mouse 2017. Its design is quite simple and reliable with plug and play faces. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. We just have to plug in this unobtrusive receiver into the USB port that’s all is needed. It is delicately designed in water drop shape and also consists of anti- smooth surface providing comfortable navigation. It performance will not fade out in the long run.

#8 Microsoft Bluetooth 3600 Mouse

best Bluetooth mouse india
                             Microsoft Bluetooth 3600 Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth 3600 Wireless Mouse is one of the Cheapest Wireless Mouse of 2017. It is an old mouse but still works perfectly fine, and the 3600 compels Bluetooth to work without any extension. It can with single battery for about a year. It can be used both handily. It just has a single sensor which plays every single role, you need not look for major attributes. If you are a user who is looking for simple yet reliable mouse than Microsoft Bluetooth 3600 will suit you the best.

#9 Anker Vertical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

best wireless mouse for mac
                      Anker Vertical Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse is a differently designed mouse, it sits vertically giving you the feeling of shaking hands with someone. Its different design leads it into the Best Wireless Mouse 2017 list. Its super comfortable. Its sharp bits which can unwary the jabs is a quite distinct element from normally other mouse don’t possess this much sleek cut. It can be user’s choice if they really want to experience something new in design so why not give it a try.

#10 HP X3500 Wireless Mouse

best wireless mouse under 1000
      HP X3500 Wireless Mouse

HP X3500 Wireless Mouse consist of optical sensors, 3 buttons also 3 USB wireless receiver. It is also a sleek and trendy HP Mouse. HP X3500 Wireless is polished in silver gray shining elegantly. It is included in the list of Best Wireless Mouse 2017 because it inherits latest technology with 2.45GHz. Its battery can also lasts up to for 1 year. A scroll wheel, adjustable optical sensor which works fine with almost all surfaces.

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Best Wireless Mice 2017

So, above we discussed the list of some best wireless mice 2017 available in the market. They highly vary in sizes, shapes and features, but they all serve the common purpose of convenient scrolling and make good companion for your laptops and computers. If you are wondering to get anyone of the above given best wireless mouse then please share your experience with us, below in the comment box.