Top 10 Best Windows App 2017, Best Windows Phone Apps – Free Download

Top 10 Best Windows App 2017

Top 10 Best Windows App: Windows has failed to match the Android as well as the iPhone in terms of market shares, but there are yet loyal fan bases that the Windows Phone have. The Windows phones had initially lacked in the number of apps that were available or the “app gap” as it was termed. Nevertheless, the situations are changing now, with more and more popular apps making their way to the Windows platform and there are more and nicer top 10 Windows Apps 2017 that are releasing every week and month.

Top 10 Windows Apps Free Download

Therefore, we today have compiled a list of the top 10 Best Windows Phone App for Mobile and PC. If you have recently got a new Lumia or any other Windows phone, then these are the must have Windows App that you need to download to your Windows phone right now.

Top 10 Best Windows App 2017

#1 Google

best windows apps for mobile
Google Windows App

The addition of the Google app into any gadget make it smarter. The techno giant doesn’t make any version of its Chrome browser for the Windows app. But this official tool is almost fabulous. The standard Google app hosts the web services including Search, Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Youtube, and more. The app discovers the very user-friendly interface on the Windows platform. To access the app, you will need to log in with your Google account. Google is one of the Top 10 Windows apps 2017.

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#2 Skype

best windows apps for pc
Skype App for Windows

Skype is one of the best messaging and video calling windows apps for PC. It is the best-designed app to hit the Windows Store, the most anxious thing is that the app is built by the Microsoft itself. This app is idle to use on the tablet like the Surface. The instant messaging app is capable of running silently in the background at all times, when a call or instant message comes in.

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#3 Drop Box

best apps for windows
Drop Box app for Windows

The prominent tech giant offers its cloud storage. The user prefers Dropbox app for the cloud storage, due to its excellent speed and its well user interface. This app allows you to access your Dropbox files and folders from any desktop or tablet.

It also includes the auto-upload feature that will send your new stuff like images, videos and take your account; that is awful for the nearby devices. It is the best Windows app 2017.

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#4 Drawboard PDF

top 10 windows apps 2017
Drawboard PDF Windows App

This app is mostly beneficial to those who need to mark up PDFs. The Drawboard PDF has an excellent interface and possesses a variety of useful tools within the app. The peoples who belong to the designing or the engineering field, the Drawboard best windows app is perfect for them in their commercial areas. The application works well and lets you add handwritten annotations to PDF documents.

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#5 Flipboard

flipboard windows app 2017
Flipboard app for windows

Flipboard is a very useful and Windows app for mobile and PC that collects the news from across the Internet and allows it to read in a magazine style format. The user interface of the app is not as much efficient than the standard news website, but it is much better in looking than Microsoft’s primary news client that comes pre-installed with Windows.

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#6 VLC for Windows

vlc windows app for laptop
VLC App for Windows

VLC is abbreviated as the Video LAN Client. It is the best free media player that’s been a favorite among the users. Now for the best windows app video player platform, the well aggressive developers have created a version that is accessible from the Windows store. It features to provide access to a user to watch a video or to listen to music in any format.

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#7 Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express app for windows
Adobe Photoshop Express Windows app

The Adobe also released its tool even for the Windows app for photo platform, the full version of the Photoshop. It is a simple image editor that can crop, basic color correction tools, red-eye reduction, and a few other functions. There are around 20 filters included in the standard version of the app, and more available for in-app purchase.

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#8 The ESPN app

the espn app for windows free download
The ESPN app for windows

It is the best gaming app for windows that works eagerly but it is not as much comparable, or we can say good as the Microsoft’s built-in sports app. It lets you select your favorite sports teams and then pin desired live feeds for scores and news updates to your menu bar. It is a great app to keep updated with the latest trending games.

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#9 Code Writer

code writer app for windows free download
Code Writer app for windows

The Code Writer is a best Windows app 2017 that sports free code and text editor over 20 different coding languages including HTML, JavaScript, C++, and Python. The app is optimized for the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS. It looks beautiful, work well and has possessed an easy to use tabbed document interface and some tutorials.

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#10 Netflix

netflix windows app for mobile

Netflix is a world leading streaming music service provider. It offers a thousand of movies and services at small subscription fees. Netflix offers many series like Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Mad Men, and the Hunger Games. It is compatible with the Windows app platform.You can take the experience with your Windows phone of the streaming media service. The app is available for free, but you will need a Netflix account to log in.

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Best 10 Windows Phone App:

These are our favorite top 10 Best Windows Phone App 2017. If there is any app in this list which is missing from your Windows mobile then you need to download it soon and do share you experience and reviews with us.