Best VR Apps for Android, Top VR Apps for Android Mobile Phone


If You have got a new VR headset and now want to fill your phone up with some of the best VR Apps out there then we have got your back here. We have here come up with our list of the best VR apps for Android phones.

Android smartphone users have large number of options to choose from but iPhone is catching up too. With new VR apps being added to App Store every day. Well, this is not a top 5 or top 10 article, We have included all the VR apps that we have used and the ones we want you guys to try out. We will also update this post with more worth trying VR applications in the future.

Top Best VR Apps for Android Phone

  1. Free Download Google Cardboard App
  2. Free Download Google Cardboard Camera App
  3. Free Download Youtube App
  4. Free Download In Mind App
  5. Free Download VRSE App
  6. Free Download Google Street View App

Read below to find the best VR and Google Cardboard apps, which informative ones, entertainment and VR games.    

Best VR Apps for Android, Top 6 VR Apps for Android Phone

Best VR Apps for Android phone

  • Google Cardboard App

Best VR Apps for Android

The Google Cardboard App helps you to launch your favorite Virtual Reality experiences and discover new apps, and also set up a viewer. The app also comes up with various demos like Earth (Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth), Tour Guide (Visit Versailles with a local guide), My Videos: (Watch your videos on a massive screen) and others. The app also doubles up as a video player and a photo viewer, etc. This app is primarily to the capabilities of VR, and at the same time it is fun.

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  • Google Cardboard Camera


Top VR Apps for Android

It is a simple VR android app by Google with which you can take photos for viewing it on Google Cardboard. This app will instruct you to take panoramic photos, which can be later views on 360-degree goodness. It is one way in which you can make your own Virtual Reality content.

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  • Youtube

Top 6 VR Apps for Android Phone

The largest video streaming service has started adding VR-enabled videos in their database for use with VR headsets or even with your regular device. There are large number of 360-degree VR videos on YouTube now and the database is ever increasing. Overall you, if you are not using your VR headset to watch these virtual reality videos on YouTube, you are missing out on a lot.

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  • In Mind

free VR Game for Android smartphones

In Mind is a free VR Game for Android smartphones designed for Google Cardboard. It is a short adventure game with arcade elements that can also be played without any special viewer. The game takes the player into a patient’s brains looking for the neurons that have caused mental disorder. This game lets you submerge yourself into the micro world and feel the miracles of the mind.

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  • VRSE

best VR Apps for android mobile

The free VR app for android features a collection of videos within it that can be downloaded and watched on their smartphone using the VR headgear. The collection of videos include short films, music videos, documentaries and comedy. Shows from The New York Times,Saturday Night Live, U2 and more. The videos are interesting, funny, and at times stunning.

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  • Google Street View

Top Free VR apk for android

Google Street View combines Google Maps and Google Earth and provides panoramic views from different positions along many streets all over the world. Using this app you can explore various world landmarks, you can discover natural wonders and even step inside different locations like museums, arenas, restaurants, etc with Google Street View VR App.

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Top VR Apps for Android Free

These were our favorite best top VR apps for android and best VR Apps. You should totally try these apps now and let us know about your experience with them in the comments section below. For more details of top VR apps for android, you can comment us.