Best VPN Services 2017, Top 5 Best VPN Service Provider 2017

Best VPN Services 2017

Best VPN Services 2017: Virtual Private Network (VPN) works after creating a connection between a computer and a VPN server. The VPN server is provided by a VPN service provider. Anything you do online like visit sites, send or revive email, download files, fill forms or anything else passes through a secure tunnel. It can’t be intercepted by anyone else unless that server or your computer compromised. There are many VPN service providers available, so choose the best one. Here we are with list of best VPN 2017.

Best VPN Services 2017, Best VPN 2017 for Windows

#1 Hotspot Shield:

  • No. of Servers: N/A
  • Server Locations: 20
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 5

If you want to have a best VPN service, then Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield Elite is best for you. It provides you to all necessary features at low prices. It also gives an option of lifetime license. It supports virtual locations that allows ‘access all content’, Private browsing. It supports upto 5 device i.e. a big thing.

Best VPN 2017

If we talk about Hotspot Shield performance then we want to tell you that it delivers awesome performance. Both upload and download speeds are faster. You may also test it as it provides a 7 days trial.

#2 NordVPN:

  • Number of Servers: 685
  • Server Locations: 52
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 6

Even after based in country located in North America- NordVPN’s current products beat the competition in every area. NordVPN has 685 servers in 52 countries, 20485 bit encryption, 6 standard device supports, Strong DNS leak protection , handy security extras, payment options, optional dedicated IP addresses.


Performance is fine with download speed around 95% of our typical rate. Upload speed is not so good at 197% and 40% regular rates.

#3 PureVPN:

  • Number of Servers: 500
  • Server Locations: 180
  • IP Addresses: 95000
  • Device Supported: 5

PureVPN gives a huge choice of servers, two year plan, no free trial and DNS leak check. Its PC client stands out immediately for sheer volume of connection options and tools. The policy of logging is clear in it as company records the time your PC connected to server and total bandwidth used. There are no other logs of websites you visit or download files.

Best VPN Services 2017

Performance wise NordVPN did a fine job as it managed to improve download speed. Upload speed increased by 4% where 80% up on our normal speeds.

#4 IPVanish:

  • Numbers of Servers: 552
  • Server Locations: 60+
  • IP addresses: 40000+
  • Device Supports: 2

IPVanish offers no traffic logs, good download speed, No free trial and a tad more expensive than others.


At one side, various IP providers talks about their free plans and cheap prices, but IPvansih talks about quality. As per website, it’s the fastest VPN of world. It has boasting 40,000+ shared IPS, 500 + VOPN servers in more than 60+ countries.

The price of this VPN is expensive than others but it gives high speed. If you want quality then it is best VPN service 2017 for you. It also offers a 7 day money back guarantee.

#5 KeepSolid VPN Unlimited:

  • Numbers of Servers: 300
  • Server Locations: 61
  • IP Addresses: 1500
  • Device Supported: 5

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPN Services 2017 for multiple devices. It offers competitively priced, intuitive interface, can only delete one device per week.

Some VPN providers take one size fits all approach to VPNs offers the bare minimum of products. The company gives 7 days free trial to get you started.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

VPN unlimited PC client opens with an overview with a service state. The real and Virtual IPs are displayed as addresses. The no of days left on your current plan is visible at a glance. The service less than some but for general purpose, it does well.

Best VPN 2017 Android

Here we have updated a list of best VPN services 2017, so please read this article carefully. They all were the best VPN 2017 for Windows written above. We will soon update Best VPN 2017 for Android too. If you want to know something regarding Best VPN 2017 then please comment us below.