Best Video Editing Apps for Android Mobile Phones, Top Android Video Editing App

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2017

Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phone: People like shooting videos to preserve life memories and share life with family and friends. Those days are old when video shooting can be performed with just some professional cameras. With fast emerging smartphone culture, we have ample of options available. Now a days peoples started using their smartphones to shoot some small functions of family or friends. This is because smartphone manufacturers are launching their phones with amazing camera quality. After shooting of a video, editing is also an important part, so here we have updated Best Android Video Apps of 2017. So please have a look below.

Best Video Editing Apps for Professionals

Many android video editors can help you create more appealing videos. If you are searching out there for some best video editing apps 2017 for android free, then this is your perfect landing. Below is the list of some great android video editing apps for android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android, Top 7 Android Video Editors

#1. FilmoraGo

best free video editing apps for android phone

FilmoraGo can truly satisfy your appetite for some professional looking video making experience. It can make a slideshow of your media files like images, sound recordings etc. The interface is easy enough infused with some additional features like rotating, overlays, animated texts, come cool video effects, trimming and sharing on social media communities etc. This best video editing apps is available for iOS users as well.

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#2. Viddy

Android Video Editing Apps

This is one of the best video editing app for android free and allows you easy editing and sharing. Since, we all love being social, the app gives you such grounds to play on. You can make your social media group on Viddy and distribute your videos directly there, so that your circle can view it. The Viddy is there for both Google android and Apple iOS, and for desktop web browsers too.

#3. AndroVid Video Editor

Top Video Editing Apps for Android
AndroVid Video Editor

You shot the moments and now you want to make it presentable with trimming, cutting, editing and attach some fun music in it. Android Video Editor gives you leeway to perform in the exact manner you want and make those wanted changes with your video. You can also select frames for your clip. You can also fabricate some beautiful slide show using this app. In short, this serves you everything in terms of video editing.

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#4. Andromedia Video Editor

Best Video Editors for Android Mobile Phones
Andromedia Video Editor

The Andromedia Video editor is one of the best video editing apps for android mobile, for it provides you free of cost based tool that can create HD videos in 320, 480 and 720 pixels. Also, the interface and layout are quite understandable and easy to work on. It also supports formats like WAV and MOV etc.

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#5. Video Maker Pro

best video editing apps for android mobile
Video Maker Pro

This movie studio video editing app for android phones will provide you complete features to trim, edits and attach media files in the movie. Its users rating are something you can count upon which is 3.5 to 5. The app will cover around 6 MB space in your device and will land you all features and tools needed to make a movie.

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#6. Snip Video Trimmer

video editing apps for android download
Snip Video Trimmer

The Android video editor is chiefly used to trim the videos. If you wish to upload your videos on the internet for sharing with others, you may get it to trim your video clips and make them smaller in size for easy uploading on sites. Also, you can make cool ringtones using this app for your android device.

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#7. Clesh Video Editor


This quiet time forward video editor trims your videos in the cloud space. Also, Clesh Video Editor is not only great with trimming, but comes with extra features also like transitions, zooming, panning, and filters.

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Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android, Video Editors for Android

SO, simply shoot whatever you find worth capturing and then make that more presentable with these cool and best video editing apps for Android mobile phone available to free download. Dear friends you may also share your suggestions regarding best android video editing apps 2017. Share your experience with us and mention it below in the comment box. We will be happy to hear you!